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2A Newsletter: January 29th

80 Percent Arms   |   Jan 28th 2021


Remember when Virginia tried to pass an assault weapons ban last year? Mass protests changed their minds but the state seems to always be cooking up something: On Wednesday, Virginia House Delegates passed three bills regarding guns and gun ownership. One of them is HB 2276, which would make it a felony to “manufacture, import, sell, transfer, or be in possession of plastic firearms and unfinished frames or receivers and unserialized firearms.”

This would also include 3D-printed firearms. The bill is now on its way to be voted on in the Senate. Check out the rest of their recent gun bills here.


The pre-emptive resistance to Biden’s gun control agenda has already begun and is in full swing as states like Montana, Iowa, Utah, and Tennessee propose bills to allow constitutional carry laws which would bypass the need for permits to carry a firearm publicly whether it is in the open or concealed.

Don’t forget we still have a bill in the House, H.R.38 - the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act which has 167 cosponsors as of today. The act would allow citizens with a CCW permit in their home state to be honored in every state. This is important because the more states pass these laws, the closer we will inevitably get to nationwide CCW reciprocity.

There are currently 16 states in the country which have constitutional carry laws.

Montana has already passed House Bill 102 which would allow people to carry a concealed firearm without a permit in additional areas including local government offices, restaurants, places that sell alcohol, and college campuses.


Before we all celebrate, do you know what a Second Amendment Sanctuary is? A 2A Sanctuary is an area in which the residing local government declares that they will not enforce “unconstitutional” gun laws. That would mean no more taxes imposed on firearms, their accessories, ammunition, no registration necessary and the repeal of any act forbidding the possession or transfer of said firearms. You can forget about confiscation too. During the previous Virginia AWB attempt, Sheriffs came out publicly stating they wouldn’t enforce such a law which is just one example of 2A sanctuary policies.

Since 2019, over 400 municipalities in over 20 states have passed resolutions to the effect of making themselves 2A Sanctuaries.

Politicians in Oklahoma and Texas are currently endeavoring in similar efforts to protect gun rights at the state level which has helped pick up steam in this movement. Now, Ohio joins the fray as Rep. Mike Loychik will formally introduce the bill by the end of this week. Even though this house bill is only in its beginning stages; if it’s passed, Ohio will become the fifth 2A Sanctuary State alongside Alaska, Kansas, and Idaho who have already adopted Second Amendment sanctuary policies.