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2A Newsletter: January 8th

80 Percent Arms   |   Jan 8th 2021

2020: Record Setting Gun Sales!

It's no secret 2020 was a unique year for all of us, and there certainly wasn't an abundance of good news. However, the FBI just realized it's background check data for the year, and we do have some good news for you:  Nearly 40,000,000 guns were sold last year, a 40% jump from 2019, the next highest gun sales year in history. Of course, this isn't even accounting for sales of 80% lowers and firearms built at home, which means that number is actually millions of guns higher than any reporting will be able to count.

The best part of this, is that over  8,400,000 people purchased guns for the first time. New gun owners made up a larger percentage of the market than they ever have before, which also lead to the great ammo shortage of 2020. If each of those new gun owners bought just two boxes of ammunition for their new handgun, thats an average of 100,000,000 rounds that needed to be produced, not even counting what other gun owners are buying.

So why are long firearms lead times and high ammo prices such good news? Because that's an additional 8,400,000+ people who are now concerned with 2nd Amendment rights. Introducing new shooters to the sport is the best way to maintain our rights and ensure the preservation of the 2nd Amendment. 

Conceal Carry Anywhere?

In more great news for the 2nd Amendement (isn't that refreshing?), Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) has introduced  H.R. 38 - Nation Conceal Carry Reciprocity. Hudson has been working on this bill since 2017, and has gathered an impressive 154 co-sponsors for the bill, with rare bi-partisan support for a gun rights bill. This would allow anyone with a permit to carry in one state, to also carry in any other state. Furthermore, if you are a resident of a Constitutional Carry state, those rights would follow you wherever you travel. 

There are over  18,000,000 American Citizens with a Concealed Carry Permit in the Untied States, and with a population of 200,000,000 people over the age of 21 (the age to purchase a pistol from an FFL), that's almost 10% of American adults it could positively affect. And that doesn't even count those in Constitutional Carry states that don't have to get a permit. Anything that can positively impact 10% of the concerned population and make our country a safer place is a huge win in our book!

Body Armor Under Fire

As much as we wish it was all positive news, the State of New York has just introduced legislation to not just  ban body armor, but to confiscate it from people who already own it as well. We believe that the right to bear arms isn't limited to firearms, but for defensive weapons as well. And why you would ever want to prevent American citizens from accessing life-saving equipment is beyond us.

Unfortunately, there's legislation for body armor regulation on the national stage as well.  H.R. 4568: Responsible Body Armor Possession Act was introduced late in 2019, and has slowly been gaining co-sponsors. While we aren't sure how you can irresponsibly stop bullets, this is just another case of lawmakers trying to prevent law-abiding citizens from possessing something out of fear a criminal may use it in the wrong way. Outside of movies though, we are having a hard time finding many examples of criminals even using body armor. They tend to not be the kind of people with strong future-planning skills. 

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