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2A Newsletter: March 5th

80 Percent Arms   |   Mar 5th 2021

Senators meet to reintroduce bill on Federal Background Checks

Senator Chris Murphy and 43 other senators met on Tuesday to reintroduce the Background Check Expansion Act to expand federal background checks to ALL gun sales. Meaning private sellers (unlicensed individuals) would have to conduct a background check with a licensed gun dealer or manufacturer every time they would like to transfer a firearm.  Currently, private sellers are not required to conduct a background check prior to transferring a firearm under the federal law. 

One of the US Senator's that co-sponsor this bill, Dick Durbin, stated that the loopholes in the current system make it too easy for guns to end up in the hands of those prohibited by law from buying them and believes that the Background Check Expansion Act will better protect communities from gun violence. 

However, there are a few exceptions to this bill. Some of these exceptions include transfers between law enforcement officers, temporarily loaning firearms for immediate self defense or for sporting events, transferring a firearm as part of an inheritance and providing firearms as gifts to immediate family members. 

This bill currently has 43 cosponsors and the house of representatives is expected to vote on this bill as early as next week. If this bill passes, it would extend to all unlicensed sellers, including those who sell online, out of their home or at gun shows. 

Rep Sheila Jackson introduces ANOTHER anti-2A Bill

Rep Sheila Jackson is back again with yet another bill to infringe on your 2A rights. 

On top of HR 127, she has introduced bill  HR 125 to amend title 18 of the US code to institute a federal 7-day waiting period on high capacity magazines, armor piercing ammo, suppressors and semiautomatic firearms! If you are not familiar with HR127, this is a bill earlier proposed by Rep Sheila Jackson. It establishes a process for the licensing and registration of firearms. It also prohibits the possession of ammunition and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that the government feels is too large for civilian use.

If HR 125 passes, not only would you have to endure a 7 day delay in exercising your 2A right, it would also make it extremely difficult for gun owners to purchase ammo, or firearm parts and accessories, especially during a nationwide shortage on both firearms and ammo. 

Also, this bill does not specify the type of 'armor piercing ammo' that would be affected by this bill. If you are familiar with body armor, you know that this entirely depends on the type of body armor that is used. Many common calibers could be used to penetrate armor depending on its level. 

Congress begins attack on 80%’s

Rep. Andriano Espaillat introduced bill HR 1454 which is a clear attack on 80 percent lower receivers and 80% build kits. After 2 days of introducing this legislation, it gained 81 co-sponsors. 

Ultimately HR 1454 would amend title 18 US code to require firearm assembly kits to be considered as firearms. HR 1454 also has the potential to classify ANY component such as uppers, triggers, and lower parts kits as a firearm. If this bill was to pass, it would mean that you would have to undergo a background check/ FFL to purchase a lower parts kit and register it with the government.

It doesn't end there, there is a chance that this bill may be passed alongside HR125 which would enact a mandatory 7 day waiting period on firearms. If both of these bills are passed you would need to endure a background check, waiting period, and register any part or firearm related item with the government. 

We have no intention of just sitting by and watching as gun-grabbers try to destroy our constitutional rights. As we had stated in a previous blog post, California has filed a lawsuit against the ATF to ban 80% receivers throughout the whole country. This is why we are happy to have teamed up with the Firearm Policy Coalition (or the FPC for short) and have filed a motion to intervene against this lawsuit.


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