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We utilize state of the art 5-axis CNC machines to mill all our .308 and AR-15 80 percent lower receivers to incredibly precise tolerances using premium billet aluminum.
We also offer our patented AR-15 and .308 Easy JigsĀ® which is the first 80% lower jig that makes it ridiculously easy for a non-machinist to finish their 80% lower in under 1 hour with no drill press required.
Products manufactured by 80% Arms carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We will promptly replace or repair any product that we determine to be defective.
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80 Percent Arms   |   Apr 11th 2024

Photo Source: Shutterstock via CHRISTOPHER E ZIMMER

Justice Department Targets 'Gun Show Loophole' with New Rules for Unlicensed Sellers

The Justice Department has sidestepped Congress once again by finalizing a rule aimed at closing what they call the "gun show loophole." Set to be enacted in just 30 days, this regulation mandates individuals selling firearms online, at gun shows, or in traditional stores to obtain a federal firearms license if their sales are primarily for profit. Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized that this measure applies uniformly across all sales platforms.

The controversial 450+ page rule debates the necessity of a federal license for selling a single firearm to a family member, raising alarms about potential Second Amendment infringements. It could significantly impact private gun sales, which remain legal in over 30 states. Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) have expressed strong opposition, vowing to fight against this regulation, push for the repeal of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, and hold accountable the Republicans-in-name-only (RINOs) who have supported such gun control measures.

While the Biden administration claims this is a key stride in the battle against ā€˜gun violenceā€™, it prompts significant concerns among Second Amendment advocates. This expanded definition of who is "engaged in business" in firearm sales encroaches upon the rights of ordinary Americans, intertwining them in bureaucratic red tape.

Gun control supporters have acclaimed the regulation as a significant advancement toward achieving universal background checks for gun purchasersā€”a priority for Democrats that has faced obstacles from Republicans in Congress.

This rule is yet another overreach by Bidens administration that not only inconveniences lawful gun owners but also sets a precedent for further restrictive measures. The rule's broad scope, impacting an estimated 20,000 unlicensed dealers, is an overgeneralization that could entrap regular individuals who are not the intended targets of such regulations.

It's crucial to remain informed and proactive while the DOJ enacts this rule. We urge our community to scrutinize this development, engage in constructive dialogue, and advocate for our rights to be respected.

Photo Source: Shutterstock via Grindstone Media Group

Judge Rules Washington's Limits on Gun Magazine Capacity Unconstitutional

In a landmark ruling that reasserts the strength and importance of our Second Amendment rights, Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Gary Bashor struck a powerful chord for freedom this past Monday. In a decision that resonates with the core values of our nation, Judge Bashor declared Washington's ban on high-capacity magazines unconstitutional, underscoring a triumph for individual liberties over restrictive legislations.

The contentious law, enacted in 2022, sought to prohibit the sale of magazines holding more than ten rounds. However, Judge Bashor recognized that such a limitation infringes upon both the U.S. and state constitutions. His ruling draws inspiration from the Founding Fathers, who inherently understood the essence of evolving liberties.

Judge Bashor's decision, though momentarily stalled by an emergency stay from the state Supreme Court, sends a clear message: our constitutional rights are non-negotiable. While the Attorney General's immediate appeal reflects ongoing contention, it cannot overshadow the essence of Monday's rulingā€”a reaffirmation of our enduring rights.

This ruling comes at a critical time, amidst Attorney General Ferguson's strict enforcement and the ongoing legal disputes. It represents a significant moment, highlighting the ongoing effort to protect our rights against new and emerging challenges.

As we keep an eye on the appeal process and its consequences, it's important for us to remain determined in our commitment to upholding the Constitution. This ruling serves as a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when we come together to safeguard our freedoms, reinforcing the core values that our nation stands on.

Photo Source: Shutterstock via Alex Staroseltsev

SCOTUS to Determine Fate of Frame and Receiver Lawsuit TODAY

Last month, in partnership with the Firearms Policy Coalition, we responded to the DOJā€™s Cert Petition, setting the stage for today's Supreme Court review of the Garland vs. VanDerStok caseā€”a pivotal moment in gun rights advocacy. 

Here's 3 reasons why this case is crucial: 

  • The Court's decision could redefine the landscape of gun ownership, specifically whether unfinished gun parts should be regulated as complete firearms. This outcome could significantly influence future gun control regulations and the broader legal framework governing firearm assembly. 
  • At its core, this case examines the Second Amendment, particularly focusing on the individual's right to assemble firearms. It's a critical juncture in the ongoing discussion about what the Second Amendment guarantees and how those rights are exercised in practice. 
  • This case questions the ATF's authority to reinterpret gun ownership laws, probing whether an administrative agency can effectively alter the legal definition of firearms without legislative action. It's a significant examination of the balance of power between regulatory agencies and Congress. 

The implications of Garland vs. VanDerStok extend beyond legal arguments to affect the fundamental rights and freedoms of American gun owners. Your support for our efforts with the Firearms Policy Coalition is vital. By visiting our website, exploring our products you're backing a crucial fight to maintain the independence of gun owners and safeguard against overreach. Every contribution empowers our commitment to uphold the right to assemble and manufacture firearms, ensuring these activities remain free from unnecessary government interference.