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2A Newsletter: Week of April 14th

80 Percent Arms   |   Apr 13th 2023

Fox, CNN, it doesn’t matter — they’re all mainstream mediaFox behaving no different than CNN

Photo Source: DIY13 via Shutterstock

Finding any mainstream or legacy media company that has continually investigated and reported true information is almost impossible to find these days. We are all used to CNN and MSNBC reporting overblown or downright false information, especially when it comes to mass shootings across the United States.

Whatever inflates their ratings to keep Americans "tuned in" is all that matters to them. With that in mind, Fox has really become no different. Unfortunately, the supposed right wing media giant has recently cited fake mass-shooting data from the Gun Violence Archive, a number of times, which does not even abide by what the FBI classifies as a mass shooting. If you've been following our newsletter for a while then you'll know that the most accurate historical source and documentation of mass shootings in America can only be found from Mother Jones' Database

With news outlets continually treating this incorrect data as the gospel, all they're doing is aiding and propping up anti gun propaganda. Millions of people tune into mainstream media daily all across the U.S. looking for the truth about what is going on in their nation. We know CNN and media outlets like them will not change, however, one would hope that Fox still has the ability to right its course. America is watching and these commonly debunked lies being spun as facts can only stand for so much longer.

FOIA Reveals ATF’s Flip Flop on NFA DefinitionsATF is not consistent on anything

Photo Source: Gil C via Shutterstock

Gun Owners of America (GOA)
has exposed yet another stark example of the ATF's inconsistent and contradictory definitions when it comes to classifying firearms and accessories. Through a recent Freedom of information Act (FOIA) request in regards to Justin Ervin and YouTube star Matt Hoover who are currently on trial for selling a metal card called the Autokey Card.

The Autokey Card features an image resembling a lightning link etched on it. The ATF claims that the Autokey Card is a machine gun, as they argue it functions as a stencil that helps people create full auto functionality in AR lower receivers. However, documents obtained through a FOIA request reveal that the ATF does not consider stencils to be regulated items.

Another document reveals that the ATF's Firearms and Ammunitions Technology Division (FATD) doesn't classify a lightning link as a machine gun unless both parts are present. This further undermines the federal government's charges against Ervin and Hoover for selling machine guns. All this is doing is bringing more confusion and uncertainty for law abiding citizens.

It's crucial to shed light on the ATF's inconsistent approach to classifying items and the negative impact it can have on citizens. We don't like the ATF anymore than you do but clear and consistent regulations are necessary to ensure a just legal system and to protect our Second Amendment rights. The FOIA request in this case highlights the need for reform and greater transparency in the ATF's classification process.

Understanding NRA NonsenseNRA scrutiny is normal

Photo Source: Chris Dorney via Shutterstock

Since its inception in 1871 the NRA has stated its primary goal was to "promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis." In 1975, The NRA Institute for Legislative Action was founded and that is the group we know today. Despite the legacy of the group since the 1800s, they have since fallen under heavy scrutiny by both staunch Second Amendment supporters and anti-gun activists alike due to excessive expense accounts and serious allegations of misconduct from top executives of the organization.

New revelations emerging from a New York lawsuit against the NRA and its top executives show the group settled a collection of lawsuits with its long-time PR firm Ackerman McQueen for $12 million. This settlement was sealed, with even NRA directors unable to know the details and revealed a backdoor expense account scheme involving some NRA executives and Ackerman McQueen, which funneled charges back to the NRA on generic invoices without itemized expenditures.

The immense spending of the NRA has only increased since their suit against Ackerman McQueen began in 2019. Just for reference, in 2017 their expenses for “legal, audit, and taxes” amounted to $11.9 million. In 2021, it rose to an incredible $50 million of legal fees with the release of their expenditure on 2022 still yet to come.

All of this information was documented by a forensic accountant specializing in Non Profit Organizations that was completed last year in September and filed under case NYSCEF DOC. NO. 1683 in March. This is a concerning report that details gross misconduct of the financial relationships between the group, various vendors and individuals. With that information coming to light the NRA has requested the report to be sealed or have large portions be redacted in order for the organization to save face.

Due to the internal power struggles and financial turmoil the NRA has seen a drastic decline in membership (not a surprise). With several high-ranking members implicated in scandals such as FEC Complaints, bad faith Bankruptcy Filing, and excessive leadership payouts. The damage to the organization's reputation will be incredibly hard to recover. The only fix to these issues plaguing the NRA is through significant leadership reform to regain its position as a trusted advocate for gun rights in the United States.

If you belong to a private gun club or range that requires NRA membership as a prerequisite to becoming a range member — you should demand them to seriously consider changing their main 2A advocacy group to which members funds are donated towards. We have plenty of good options today such as Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of American, National Shooting Sports Foundation or the Second Amendment Foundation. 


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