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2A Newsletter: Week of February 24th thumbnail image

2A Newsletter: Week of February 24th

80 Percent Arms   |   Feb 24th 2023

Anti-Gun Finance Laws Are Here

Discover is Traitor, boycott them now

Photo Source: C. Durot via Shutterstock

Anti-Gun Finance laws or regulations have been a huge topic of concern in the firearms industry and it's sad to say but they have taken another big step forward. It comes to no surprise that the beginning of this attack on the Second Amendment has begun in California. While most states are pushing back against banking systems that refuse to do business with the firearms industry specifically — California doubled down by introducing SB-637.

This provision “would prohibit financial institutions that do business with firearms manufacturers from doing business with the state of California.”

The firearms industry is one of the most regulated in the country. Despite the massive amount of business and tax revenue that it brings to the state, California is looking to kick it to the curb and stomp on the Second Amendment, regardless.

As terrible as this is, we can't be too surprised that this state would take such a polarizing stance in the name of “safety.” What is surprising and extremely concerning is the action that Discover is taking when it comes to firearms purchases.

Come April of 2023 Discover will be implementing a new ISO (International Organization for Standardization) merchant code “5723 – Gun and ammunition shops”. This will dictate and label every purchase made with a Discover card relating to the firearms industry. Discover is one of the smaller Credit Card processors in America and the first to come to the public saying they will indiscriminately label these purchases.

No other companies have publicly stated yet how their merchant code use for firearm purchases will change. However, this is an alarming first step in the direction of increasing firearm ownership databases and a draconian pre-crime world where the government has total control and the power to exert their will over its people.Right now, there are a few things gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment can do to fight this change. The predominant one is to hit these companies where it hurts most - their wallet. If these companies start seeing cancellations and lack of use of their cards, the message will be sent that cardholders and gun owners do not want their purchases tracked. If you don’t know yet, find out where your financial institutions sit on your right to own and bear arms. Keep them honest and don't allow them to control how or what you do to proudly use your rights and money as an American.

Brady Group is Teaching People How To Sue Gun Companies

Brady Group increasing lawsuit education

Photo Source: Roman R. via Shutterstock

Recently, we talked about the PLCAA (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act) and its importance in the firearm manufacturing industry. For those of you just hearing about this act, it was enacted in 2005 in order to shield firearms manufacturers and sellers from most lawsuits that arise from the criminal use of their products by third parties. Now they can still be used for defective products, knowingly selling a firearm to someone not allowed to own one, and general criminal conduct of the business.

However, PLCAA is necessary to protect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners and to prevent frivolous lawsuits that would unfairly punish law-abiding manufacturers and retailers. Critics of this act are now being spearheaded by the Brady United Against Gun Violence group. They’re now creating courses that teach lawyers how to sue gun manufacturers and circumvent the PLCAA.

These lawyers looking to make a quick buck and hoping to take down the firearms industry are weaponizing an idea called ‘proximate cause.’ Proximate cause refers to the cause of an injury or damage that is legally recognized as the primary cause. I.e. manufacturing or selling a firearm is the reason the shooting took place. With that same train of thought, car manufactures then also cause car crashes, forks and spoons make people fat and the internet or television is the reason people can be lazy.

None of those make any legal sense yet here we are with this situation. Anti-gun lawyers are being taught how to use firearms companies’ own marketing against them and using isolated incidents where sick people act out their desires to harm others to make their cases.

Currently, there is no "course" on our side to fight against these proceedings perpetrated by the Brady group. But that’s why groups like GOANSSFSAF and the FPC are so important as they are the main organizations that stand up for our rights on a federal level. The landscape of legal battles regarding firearms and our Second Amendment has been at this unique junction for quite some time now. Will the courts uphold the Act that allows manufacturers to stay in business and provide us with access to our unalienable rights… Or will they allow these anti-gun groups to frivolously sue legal businesses for wanton reasons? We might be finding out soon enough.

Illinois to Ban Body Armor and Helmets for Civilians

IL bans armor ownership for civilians

Photo Source: Breakermaximus via Shutterstock

As if Illinois could not add more ridiculous and counter intuitive legislation to their state. Set to go into effect January 1, 2024, their House Bill 3238 aims to take away Illinois residents' ability to own, purchase, sell, ship, or manufacture “military” style helmets, armor plates and body armor in general.

This is piggybacking off of 720 ILCS 5 otherwise known as “Criminal Code of 2012.” Which basically states that if you wear body armor as a civilian and are in possession of a weapon of any (Class l-lll), you will be prosecuted accordingly - unless you are a police officer or a licensed security guard with all the necessary certifications.

Despite the ongoing violence seen throughout the major cities that make up Illinois, legislators have decided to strip IL residents of their ability to feel safe and protected no matter where you go. Anti-gunners sure love their lists.

For those of you living in Illinois wondering what's going to come of the gear you already proudly own, they've created a new way to get a list of people for keeping their eyes on. Designed as a way of “compliance,” the bill does not allow for pre-existing armor to be grandfathered in, instead you can file a “Body Armor Endorsement Affidavit” with the state police to confirm that you own such and such armor. (Please don’t do that.)This whole cluster is still in its infancy but expect marketing, news and statewide awareness of this bill to increase in the coming weeks. Contact your state Senator and Representative in order to try and overturn this bill prior to it being enacted. We do not want Illinois to be setting the example and give other states any funny ideas.

The idea that you can regulate equipment purchases for civilians is absurd. Many states have put this idea on the table before but most have not even gotten close to succeeding in passing anti-armor legislation. Stay safe, do your research and stay on the lookout as we will keep monitoring this bill’s progression.

80% Arms Now Accepting WILL CALL for Local Orders

80% Arms Will Call Now AvailablePhoto Source: Narint A. via Shutterstock

In other news, we are thrilled to announce that 80% Arms is once again offering WILL CALL for all our local customers. This means that when shopping online, instead of shipping the items you can now choose to pick up your purchased items directly from our new Fort Worth office location at 309 Palette Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76140.

After placing your order, your items will be ready for pickup within 1-2 business days. You will receive an email confirmation when your order is ready to be picked up. Pickup for will call orders is available from Monday to Friday between 9am to 3pm (Hours may vary on holidays or due to Warehouse closure).

Please note that our Showroom is not yet ready, though we are working on it! We’re aiming for a soft and grand opening in the first half of this year.


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