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2A Newsletter: Week of January 13th! thumbnail image

2A Newsletter: Week of January 13th!

80 Percent Arms   |   Jan 13th 2023

Company is boasting their new security system can detect “ghost guns”

A threat deterrence system developed called Liberty Defense has unveiled a product that they plan to beta test at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The company claims that its system is capable of detecting “ghost guns” and we are rolling our eyes. If you look at their demo video page, what their system can do certainly is impressive in what it can detect as a threat such a handguns, pipe bombs, plastic explosives like C4. But the idea that any system can differentiate a factory made pistol and a homemade one is a fallacy. There are polymer 80% pistol frames and aluminum ones as well -— factory made pistols use the same materials. The only difference is whether there is a proper serial number on the gun or not, which implies that a gun can be traced back to a certain FFL for its origination.

Poppycock. This almost reminds us of a story where California Sheriffs were claiming that they had successfully trained a K-9 to detect ghost guns. It’s more likely the dog was trained to detect ammunition or gunpowder residue.

This is why we’re constantly reminding people that “ghost gun” is a made up buzz word adored by the mass media and anti-gunners.

On a practical level, if these scanners make our school campuses safer, why not? But it looks like these sensors require an operator to man them which sounds expensive and could be a hurdle for some institutions if they need to install several of these and even employ new security guards to man those systems.

Federal judge blocks NJ anti carry law

Following up on our story from last week when New Jersey’s governor was sued minutes after signing an anti-concealed carry law — this week a federal judge blocked New Jersey’s Bruen response stating that it is unconstitutional.

Since the Supreme Court ruling of the Bruen case, three states have failed to pass anti-concealed carry laws; California, New York and now New Jersey. Hopefully this will send a message to other anti-gun states that their attempts to create “sensitive places,” or restricted areas where even CCW holders cannot legally concealed carry, is simply illegal.

The judge in New Jersey’s case had this to say, “The deprivation of Plaintiffs’ Second Amendment rights, as the holders of valid permits from the State to conceal carry handguns, constitutes irreparable injury, and neither the State nor the public has an interest in enforcing unconstitutional laws. Accordingly, good cause exists, and the Court will grant the motion for temporary restraints.”

You can thank The Firearms Policy Coalition, Second Amendment Foundation, New Jersey Second Amendment Society and the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners who brought the suit immediately after New Jersey passed their unconstitutional law to limit and restrict New Jersey residents’ rights to concealed carry in public.

Biden angers allies, admitting NICS can’t stop violent criminals

In this week of Biden’s guffaws, he’s angered gun control allies by essentially coming out and stating that the NICS background check system has some inconvenient truths with regard to its limitations on gun control.

How did this come about?

Ironically, a lawsuit against the government involving survivors of the Sutherland Springs shooting in 2017 had forced the Biden Administration into this position.

In 2017, a former Air Force member committed a mass shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas killing 26 and injuring 22 others. A federal judge had found that the military branch was mostly at fault because it didn’t report the gunman’s previous assault conviction to the FBI. Had it been reported, he would have been unable to purchase the gun he used in the mass shooting. As a result the Air Force was ordered to pay more than $230 million to the survivors and families of those killed at First Baptist Church.

Following the mass shooting, a report had revealed that the former Air Force member could have been reported on six separate occasions, all which would have barred him from passing a NICS check and from purchasing a firearm.

So Biden’s in this precarious position where they simply pay the $230M+ or they appeal (they’re appealing). But by doing so, their main argument will include an admission on paper and acknowledgement that the NICS/AKA background checks are not the end-all-be-all when it comes to gun control and reducing violent gun crimes.

This has no doubt put a strain between Biden and pro-gun control advocacy groups as the U.S. government’s defense in this case would be stating loud and clear that the top priority of gun controllers doesn’t actually stop violent criminals.

A case to follow for sure, as we’ll be providing soon to come updates.

Federal Appeals court strikes down bump stock ban

The Fifth Circuit of Appeals Court has struck down the ATF rule that banned bump stocks which were used in the Las Vegas Mass Shooting in 2017.

Their ruling stated that the ATF had overstepped its authority when it classified bump stocks as “machine guns.” According to the Fifth Circuit, the ATF does not have the authority to redefine what a machine gun is, only Congress can do that.

This bodes extremely well for us regarding the pistol stabilizing brace ban that we’re all still anxiously waiting to hear about from D.C. because the bump stock ban was also introduced through a “Final Rule” that the ATF had published at the time.

With so many early 2A wins in the year there are just as many new pieces of gun control legislation entering the legal sphere. The good news is that it seems most federal judges are pretty based and not going for the knee jerk reaction bills that are being submitted. But that doesn’t mean we can rest easy just yet. We’ve still got the rest of the year ahead of us.


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