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80 Percent Arms   |   Jan 18th 2024

Image Source: Shutterstock via Allexxandar

Pennsylvania Democrats Push for Stricter Gun Control Measures

Once again, since taking over the state House, Democrats have forced through five gun control measures, with one particularly aggressive bill looking to ban automatic and semi-automatic firearms. These measures now lined up for the chamber's full attention, clearly show their ongoing crusade against the rights of gun owners.

The Democrat-led Judiciary Committee recently advanced five gun control bills, including a significant one aimed at banning automatic and semi-automatic firearms. These are now queued up for debate in the full chamber. Although, with the Senate leaning Republican (28-22), it's not looking great for these bills to make it through. We've seen this before – similar efforts didn't fly in the Senate, where there's more focus on beefing up anti-violence and mental health initiatives.

The recent focus by Rep. Tim Briggs, chair of the Judiciary Committee, on regulating these firearms raises significant concerns. His push for aligning state laws with federal standards, particularly targeting "ghost guns" or 80% lowers, is viewed by many as an unnecessary and potentially harmful overreach.

80% lowers are the embodiment of personal freedom and privacy. The ability to build a firearm from an 80% lower is seen as a critical expression of our Second Amendment rights, allowing individuals to exercise their freedoms without undue government interference or surveillance.

The narrative surrounding 80% lowers is often misguided. The term "ghost guns" is often used to evoke fear, yet it refers to firearms that are legally made at home or privately, a classification even acknowledged by regulatory bodies like the ATF. The argument that these firearms play a significant role in gun-related crimes is not backed by substantial evidence. Therefore, placing restrictions on 80% lowers seems more like a symbolic gesture rather than an effective solution to ‘gun violence’.

Initiating regulations on 80% lowers could set a precedent that leads to more restrictive measures, potentially eroding the rights of all responsible gun owners.

Overview of the Bills:

House Bill 335: This bill proposes banning sales and possession of modifications that increase the fire rate of semi-automatic guns.

House Bill 336: Seeks to outlaw the sale and possession of certain semi-automatic and burst-fire weapons.

House Bill 777: Targets "ghost guns" by requiring serial numbers on certain firearm parts.

House Bill 1157: Aims to expedite the process for courts to report on mental health statuses affecting gun ownership eligibility.

House Bill 1190: Addresses the regulation of 3-D-printed firearms.

Republicans have raised concerns about these measures infringing upon Second Amendment rights. Rep. Joe Hamm emphasized the significance of self-defense, noting that such laws might primarily impact law-abiding citizens, while criminals could still obtain firearms through illegal means.

Image Source: Shutterstock via Allexxandar

Major Victory for Gun Rights in Oregon

A groundbreaking ruling came out of Oregon this week. Harney County Circuit Court Judge Robert Raschio made a decisive move against a stringent gun control law enacted in 2022. In a definitive judgment issued on Monday, Judge Raschio solidified his previous stance from November, enacting a "General Judgment" that effectively nullifies the law permanently.

The law in question, known for being one of the most severe gun control measures nationwide, aimed to introduce major restrictions:

  • Prohibiting magazines that hold more than ten rounds.
  • Requiring a law enforcement-issued permit for buying firearms.
  • Mandating the submission of personal data, including fingerprints, to a government database.
  • Obligating permit seekers to cover the cost of permits and participate in gun training.
  • Judge Raschio's Historic Ruling

This law was a first-of-its-kind gun control measure after the Supreme Court's directive for historical alignment in gun laws.

Judge Raschio, however, ruled it out of step with constitutional rights. He articulated, "This court is preventing the undue burden of Ballot Measure 114 from being imposed on current and prospective gun owners who have a right to lawfully possess firearms for the purposes of defending themselves and the state against imminent threats of harm. . . . the court, using its equitable power, DECLARES and ADJUDGES Ballot Measure 114 facially unconstitutional in all of its applications under Oregon Constitution, Article I, § 27. The court makes this declaration to settle and to afford relief from uncertainty and insecurity with respect to the right to bear arms in Oregon.”

This ruling stands as a major victory for the citizens of Oregon who stand by their constitutional right to self-defense. It's a clear indication of the necessity to safeguard our inherent rights against overly aggressive legislative measures. This win, however, doesn't mark the end of the road. Oregon is still among the states with stringent gun laws, as indicated by its A- grade from the Giffords Law Center. It remains imperative for gun owners who obey the law to persistently fight for their rights and prevent excessive government encroachment.


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