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2A Newsletter: Week of March 10th thumbnail image

2A Newsletter: Week of March 10th

80 Percent Arms   |   Mar 10th 2023

GOA files for preliminary injunction for braced AR pistols

Photo Source: W. Scott McGill via Shutterstock

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is doing everything they can to remove the ludicrous "ruling" the ATF enacted regarding pistol braces (2021R-08F).Insert link

Long story short, ATF released a ruling in January of 2023 Stating that the vast majority of pistols with stabilizing braces would be reclassified as SBR's. meaning if you had an AR pistol with a brace and you do not fill out a Form 1 and pay the $200 tax stamp, the ATF would enforce steep fines and federal prison time... just for using a pistol brace.

Thankfully, GOA has filed for an injunction in Texas to combat this madness and blatantly obvious over encroachment of power. GOA is going after both the ATF and the NFA in this proceeding. Stating that A) paying the tax stamp is taxing a constitutional right and B) by filling out these forms a responsible gun owner is incriminating themselves in the eyes of the ATF, a violation of the 5th Amendment.

This injunction is looking to save millions of Americans who proudly and responsibly own AR pistols with stabilizing braces. By criminalizing a vast majority of gun owners the ATF has truly shown protecting its citizens and upholding the Second Amendment means absolutely nothing to them and their goal of control.

Multiple States Moving Towards Constitutional Carry in 2023

Photo Source: Jamie Carroll via Shutterstock

More states are beginning to show they truly care about the Second Amendment as the demand for Constitutional Carry reaches multiple state legislature floors. Florida has been the center of attention due to both the polarity of their governor nationwide and the fact that this is not true “Constitutional Carry” but rather permitless concealed carry.

HB 543 will go to the Florida legislative floor while the courts decide what to pass and deny over their 60 day session. As far as gun rights activists are concerned this should be a slam dunk win for the Second Amendment. With a Republican 2-1 control in both the Florida House and Senate. By the time summer starts, there is hope that residents of the Sunshine State could begin to conceal carry a firearm they legally own. The battle for true open carry is yet to come but HB 543 is kicking off battles for 2A support across other states in the U.S.

South Carolina is one of the other states on the brink of bringing Constitutional Carry to its citizens. H 3594 aims to finalize the deal and all that stands in the way is the Senate. This is reminiscent of 2 years ago when a very similar bill was proposed and the still Republican led senate shot it down. With this win South Carolina would become the 26th/ 27th state (depending on how quickly Florida signs their bill into law) to allow full Constitutional Carry for its residents.

Even Nebraska has joined the party. With their Legislative Bill 77, which has already cleared their House floor, the bill just needs to clear the last two hurdles of its state senate and democratic governor to be passed in to law. In this case, Nebraskans would also be gaining the ability to have permitless concealed carry. It's not necessarily a true Constitutional Carry.

These legislative battles are big steps in the Constitutional Carry Movement. Americans should not be restricted by red tape or financial barriers when simply wanting the means to defend their lives or property. We hope this trend is eye opening for gun owners in places where the Second Amendment is not as well respected or accessed. Most people are oblivious to this but there are a lot of people fighting for your rights and hopefully one day Constitutional Carry just becomes the national norm. 

Connecticut AG Goes After "Ghost" Guns and makes a fool of himself

CT AG Press Conference

Photo Source: John Moritz via Hearst Connecticut Media Group

Connecticut Gun Control advocates
just finished high-fiving each other hands after a press conference held by the state attorney general William Tong. On Tuesday this week, Tong filed a lawsuit against multiple manufactures alleging that despite Connecticut law banning the sale of "ghost" guns in 2019, these companies still shipped their products to CT residents. 

Our news team happened to catch livestream and watched the press conference as it happened. Anti-gunner politicians, gun control advocates and even a student (not directly connected to the Sandy Hook shooting) came out to speak against "the epidemic" that is gun violence and crime. 

Initially, all speakers started off strong enough, speaking with gusto and passion about this project of theirs that is to fight the "ghost gun trend in an effort to not become like California." All points that we've all heard before. But once it was the press' turn to ask some questions, the attorney general and governor began having a Kevin De Leon moment and backpedaled. It's easy to read off talking points but a lot harder to answer questions about a topic you really know nothing about but that didn't stop these politicians - they have no shame. 

The governor's response was, "you know what, I'm not an expert so I'm really not sure." If you're lodging a lawsuit against multiple companies and in a position to affect what is and isn't law... you should probably know what you're talking about. Governor Ned Lamont's recently announced a bill that aims to increase gun control by raising the buying age for guns to 21 and restricting bulk purchases.

A new argument we've never heard before though was that the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection took issue with the commerce of 80 percent lower receivers because it is "unfair and deceptive advertising, marketing and sales in violation of the CT Unfair Trade Practices Act." What does that mean? They're referring to how the practice of allowing people to buy 80 lowers is unfair to regular gun stores. That's definitely a first. Those poor FFL's must be losing so much business to 80 percents right? 

Unfortunately, we can't find a recording of the press conference but the CT AG referenced advice given by "partners in California" multiple times which really just goes to show what we've been saying for a couple years now - Gun control action in California is used as an example for the rest of the country. What they try to do there, gives politicians ideas to try in other corners of the country; all for the sake of virtue signaling and chest puffing. 


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