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80% Arms sells AR-15 and .308 80% Lower Receivers, 80% Lower Jigs and other accessories which allow you to legally build a firearm at home in most states.
We utilize state of the art 5-axis CNC machines to mill all our .308 and AR-15 80 percent lower receivers to incredibly precise tolerances using premium billet aluminum.
We also offer our patented AR-15 and .308 Easy Jigs® which is the first 80% lower jig that makes it ridiculously easy for a non-machinist to finish their 80% lower in under 1 hour with no drill press required.
Products manufactured by 80% Arms carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We will promptly replace or repair any product that we determine to be defective.
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80 Percent Arms   |   Mar 14th 2024

Photo source: Firearms Policy Coalition via X

California's New Target: Pushing for Nationwide Ban on 80% Lower Receivers

California is often the trendsetter when it comes to gun control laws, and it looks like they're at it again, leading the charge with a move that could have a big ripple effect across other blue states. California is taking legal action against the ATF, arguing that the current regulations on ghost guns aren't harsh enough – they want the ATF to completely ban 80% lower receivers. In a concerted effort, Attorney General Rob Bonta, joined by 20 other attorneys general, is urging the Supreme Court to revisit and potentially revise the definition of a firearm, particularly zeroing in on the classification of 80% lower receivers.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta and the 20 other attorneys general, are pushing the Supreme Court to take a second look at a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that questioned the ATF's regulation of ghost guns against the 1968 Gun Control Act. They're defending the ATF's "Final Rule,", arguing that parts kits and 80% frames and receivers should be classified as "firearms" under federal law. This means more red tape: tracking, background checks, and serializing these parts further which further complicates the rights of law-abiding citizens to engage in gun assembly and customization.

Now, we all know California's got a reputation for setting the bar with strict gun laws, and it seems like they're paving the way for more states to infringe on our rights once more. This isn't just a local skirmish; it's a signal to other like-minded states that the time is now to follow suit. When California decides to shake things up, other states line up to take their cues.

This could be a preview of what's coming down the pike. If California gets the Supreme Court to back enforcing the ATF's Frame and Receiver Rule and convinces the ATF to beef up those regulations, you can bet other blue states will be watching closely.

So, for anyone who values their gun rights, this is a heads-up. What's unfolding could very well be a preview of a broader push that might spread across the country. It's a reminder that staying informed and engaged is key because what starts in California doesn't always end there.

Biden Advocates for Tougher Gun Legislation in State of the Union Address

Biden renewed his plea for gun control to Congress during the State of the Union, urging them to adopt tougher measures. He's advocating for legislation that would prohibit assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, in addition to introducing a requirement for universal background checks on all firearm purchases.

"Beating the NRA was a milestone when I enacted the most critical gun safety legislation in nearly three decades, thanks to this Congress. It's time to overcome them once more. I'm pushing for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and insisting on universal background checks," Biden declared, while praising the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. He also stated that his proposed measures are designed to respect constitutional rights and do not cast responsible gun owners in a negative light.

"I've taught the Second Amendment for 12 years. Nothing we're proposing here undermines the Second Amendment or targets law-abiding gun owners," he added.

The irony of President Biden asserting his expertise on the Second Amendment, after having taught it for 12 years, while simultaneously pushing for assault weapon bans, is not lost on us.

His insistence that these proposals do not undermine the Second Amendment or target law-abiding gun owners stands in stark contrast to the reality of the restrictions he's pushing for. These restrictions would limit access to large-capacity magazines, certain rifles, and specific rifle features, directly impacting the rights of law-abiding citizens. Such measures are a clear encroachment on the Second Amendment. The discrepancy between Biden's alleged respect for the 2A and his actions advocating for substantial limitations on it highlights a disconnect that many gun owners find troubling and contradictory.