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2A Newsletter: Week of March 3rd thumbnail image

2A Newsletter: Week of March 3rd

80 Percent Arms   |   Mar 3rd 2023

The War on Drugs has turned into The War on GunsNo guns signs are dumb

Photo Source: Gel00 via Shutterstock

The War on Drugs was a massive time and money sink that America lost badly. Many were duped by politicians into believing that drugs like marijuana were a major source of crime and problems in America. Now, licking their wounds, those same politicians and their lobbyists have fully turned their attention to the war on guns.

What the majority of those “in charge” either fail to see or are too stubborn to realize is they are protecting those who perpetrate their call for gun bans and punishing the responsible gun owners. A more fearsome reality would be if they know exactly what they're doing and yet intentionally do it anyways — weaponizing and wielding words such as “gun violence” or "assault weapon" to push their rhetoric; baseless words that demonizes the tool rather than the individuals who committed criminal acts.

Violence is human. The fact that the word gun was put before it, is to go directly after your emotions and correlate “gun” with violence. It's a severe connotation that has polluted America and the respect and maturity that comes with responsibly owning a firearm. By using the words “gun violence,” the statistics involved are blown out of proportion and always include numbers from accident and suicides to reinforce the idea that “Gun = Bad." Rather than taking the time to see that true violent crimes which involve a firearm are done by chronic, repeat offenders.

In reality, it's a very small pool of repeat violent offenders who are the cause for the Democrats' “War on Guns” now. We're all too familiar with horrible situations like mass shootings to sway voters' opinions on guns and further their crusade to a completely disarmed and weak society.

Don't let their kind words and seemingly caring rhetoric fool you. These wolves in sheep's clothing will stop at nothing to render you weak and unarmed. More and more articles are being published and the chokehold they held over the media and information circulation is waning. Do not allow yourself to be duped and hope that more Americans are able to see the truth and importance behind the Second Amendment.

Which states have banned suppressors for civilians?Suppressor and Glock in a stabilizer kit

Photo Source: Dmitri T

Suppressors. All across America countless responsible gun owners own and use suppressors daily. They help protect your hearing, reduce noise pollution, improve accuracy and just make hitting the range that much more fun. Despite all of their benefits, they're one of the most regulated items an individual can purchase besides machine guns and grenades.

Being in use military wise since World War 2, and being regulated even earlier than that. Suppressors are a hot topic when talking about 2A. Most states across America abide by the Second Amendment, and you can purchase and own a suppressor for yourself. Now, you have to pay a ridiculous tax stamp and wait four to six business months for the ATF to “clear” you to own something that isn't even a firearm. But, that's a whole other conversation we don't have the time to get into right here.

The sad part is the fact I had to say “majority” up above. Currently, eight states currently have an outright ban on civilian ownership of a suppressor:
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware

However, Illinois is finally on the hotseat. After years and years of absurd rulings the state continues to pass down. A win could be on the horizon for gun owners across The Land of Lincoln.

The American Suppressor Association Foundation (ASA-F) and Silencer Shop are supporting and funding a lawsuit against The State of Illinois. Stating this blanket ban on suppressors state wide is as we all know, unconstitutional and a blatant violation of the Second Amendment. Anderson v. Raoul aims to bring Illinois citizens the right to own a suppressor back to them.

This legal battle will set the stage for the remaining seven states or even more private parties who wish to restrict your rights. Illinois ban on suppressors is on borrowed time and this is only the beginning for the court battles that are going to ensue nationwide. Follow along this case when you can as it may be a huge step towards giving the Second Amendment back to the Prairie State.

Constitutional Carry UpdateMan concealed carrying with a IWB holster

Photo Source: Straight 8 Photography via Shutterstock

We are slowly starting to see more states respect the second Amendment and allow its citizens the right to carry a firearm like the constitution states.

Many of you already know about Florida and its path to changing the tide and making the majority of states allow constitutional carry (albeit the risght to carry a firearm just not open carry). For those that don't, a quick refresher is in order. Florida is pushing through two bills, HB 543 and its companion bill,SB 150. These two will allow Florida Residents to choose to enact their right to have a firearm on their person or in their vehicle as long as they are legally allowed to own a firearm.

As expected this decision to move forward with a lite version of Constitutional Carry in the Sunshine State, has been met with a ton of opposition. However these bills are expected to hit the floor come the beginning of Florida's next legislative slate on March 7th 2023. From there its up to Desantis to sign them into law which is expected to be way before the cutoff date of July 1st.

This isn't the only win proponents of the Second Amendment are seeing. South Carolina’s House introduced and passed House Bill 3594. This is the states bid at constitutional carry and is now off to the state Senate for further delegation. There is no time table for an outcome of South Carolina’s stance on constitutional carry but once we know more you will be updated.

State wins are huge but federal wins are fantastic for everyone nationwide. Former President Trump has stated in his recent bid for the 2024 election, he will be introducing concealed carry reciprocity nationwide. For those who don't quite know what that means, concealed carry reciprocity is a legal concept where a person who has a concealed carry permit from one state is allowed to carry a concealed firearm in another state that recognizes reciprocity, without having to obtain a separate permit in the other state. The specifics of which states recognize reciprocity and the requirements for obtaining a permit can vary widely between states.

That's a ton to wrap your head around but Trump is stating that if you have an LTC it will be applicable nationwide and you don't need to worry when crossing state borders and know that states specific laws when it comes to having a firearm with you or on your person.

He has a massive hurdle with the Florida legislature but DeSantis is expected to announce his running in the coming weeks for the Republican Party. However, with the eventual passing of “Constitutional Carry” in Florida either candidate should be a huge push in the direction for strengthening the Second Amendment for Americans nationwide.


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