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2A Newsletter: Week of May 12th

80 Percent Arms   |   May 12th 2023

Why are Illinois Gun Buyers in Limbo?Waiting periods for guns should be illegal

Photo Source: Prostock-Studio via Shutterstock

Last week a federal judge in Illinois put a stop to the state's Protect Illinois Communities Act. PICA sought to severely reduce gun rights for Illinois residents so the halt of PICA was positive; however, those who purchased firearms during the window between the injunction and stay are now in limbo due to existing background checks and waiting periods.

The plaintiffs in the Southern District still have time to reply to the stay issued by the Seventh Circuit. With that in mind, the U.S. Supreme Court could potentially resolve the gun ban challenges, though the timeline remains unclear. This situation is eerily similar to what happened to citizens in Washington, which recently had legislation that introduced gun control laws more severe than even those in California. Citizens in Illinois were a bit more lucky to have a federal judge side with the people.

Washington's House Bill 1240 was passed into law and made effective April 25, 2023, which banned the future sale, import, and manufacture of "assault weapons" - effectively neutralizing the rights of law-abiding citizens with an arbitrary and made-up gun control term. In response, theSecond Amendment Foundation (SAF) and its partners have filed for a preliminary injunction to halt the enforcement of the bill, stating how unconstitutional the bills are and how it infringes on Washington residents' right to acquire firearms.

The ongoing struggles in Washington and Illinois serve as a warning for all of us. It's crucial that we stay informed and proactive in preserving our Second Amendment rights. Support organizations like the Gun Owners of America (GOA), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), and keep a close watch on proposed legislation in your state! Engage with your elected representatives to express your concerns and actively vote to make sure your voice is heard. By staying aware and working together, we can safeguard our rights and those of future generations.

ATF & Local Police Seen going door to door for FRT TriggersYou simply can't make this ATF stuff up

Photo Source: Moonlight Industries

In a wild video that came out on YouTube this week, we got to see the ATF's door-to-door operation to seize Rare Breed FRT-15 triggers. It's difficult not to find humor in the sheer incompetence displayed. The main agent is armed and donning a cheap body vest with what looks like a cheap AR500 gong (steel target, not body armor) in it, like an amateur customer service rep who's utterly lost in the situation.

The owner of Moonlight Industries, who shared this encounter on their YouTube channel, seems understandably concerned yet unfazed by the agents' demands. As the conversation unfolds, the hapless agent and what looks to be a local police officer stumble through their explanations, only managing to further embarrass themselves and the agency they represent. You simply have to watch the video yourself.

Thankfully, this was a peaceful and uneventful encounter but we all should be taking notes in how the Moonlight Industries owner carried himself calmly and was still as respectful as possible even in that uncomfortable situation. 

Amidst the seriousness of this issue, the ATF's antics further prove they only have one goal and that's control. They seem to know who bought thesis items and where they live. As we continue to follow their battle against Rare Breed Triggers, (which they now deem to be "machine guns") it's crucial to keep questioning their credibility and authority. They can't give a definition on what a machine gun is but they're still willing to send armed and uneducated agents to go door to door trying to save face. Keep your dog inside and stay tuned as we follow what this “agency” does moving forward.

Mainstream Media Lies are divisive and dangerousMainstream media = fake news

Photo Source: DIY13 via Shutterstock

Last weekend in Texas, a series of tragic shootings and accidents occurred, and the media's biased reporting and false information only added to the confusion. What really happened, and why do the media and current Administration use these tragedies as stepping stones to further weaken law-abiding Americans?

First, a mass shooting at a shopping mall in Allen, Texas left eight people dead. The media and President Biden immediately pushed for universal background checks; yet the shooter was a licensed and armed security guard who had previously passed a background check. The media barely mentioned this because the facts wouldn't have fit their narrative.

Mainstream media initially pushed the issue of white supremacy, when it was a Latino male shooter that happened to believe in Neo-Nazi ideology. Forget bias, the media is just straight up lying to people now. Additionally, the Allen shooter used three legally purchased guns and had five more in his car (all legal firearms). So much for that background check. 

A devastating incident unfolded in Brownsville, Texas when a man drove a Land Rover into a bus stop, causing multiple injuries and fatalities. Where is the outrage and lawsuits against the car manufacturer? Where is the lobbying and angst against driving in public? The driver had an extensive criminal record, but this story couldn't be used to the extent the media wanted, so it was pushed back quickly without any thought to those affected.

Two weeks ago in Cleveland, TX a horrific shooting took place. An illegal immigrant who had been deported several times was asked to keep their noise down and stop shooting his gun nearby while a family was putting their children to bed. Instead of showing any human decency he broke into their home and opened fire on the family and their relatives. This man, who by the letter of the law shouldn't have had a firearm and shouldn't have been in this country took lives. Once again, despite all the facts presented the media seems to only care about portraying guns as bad. There was a massive manhunt for the shooter and he was eventually captured by police.

We won't get into the issue of immigration or the dangers of our current situation with the United States' southern border or how irresponsible the Biden Administration is handling that... Bottom line, today's legacy journalists are nothing but hypocrites. If a mass murder fits their narrative, it's covered until they can weaponize the next tragedy. If it doesn't meet their specific criteria, they might mention it occurred. But without people being offended, the story doesn't sell. As responsible citizens, it's our duty to stay informed and seek accurate information, not just rely on one or two biased media narratives. Do your research, folks. 

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