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Best Night Sights For Glock

80 Percent Arms   |   Nov 3rd 2021

Are you looking for Glock night sights? Well good on ya! It’s important to be able to properly aim down sight whenever and wherever you might be. They’re all installed in the same way with a Glock front sight tool and rear sight pusher so how different could each one be? While some iron sights for Glocks and Glock style handguns may be role specific, generally speaking, having a pair of night sights will allow you to be the most versatile shooter. Today, we share our favorite night sights for Glock, which sights to avoid and why.

But first, a quick DISCLAIMER:

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Do all Glock sights glow in the dark?

What does Glock use for night sights?

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot

XS Big Dog Night Sights

Trijicon Night Sight HD XR

Ameriglo Pro-idot

Truglo TFX Pro

What Glock night sights to avoid?

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Do all Glock sights glow in the dark?

No, all Glock sights do not necessarily glow in the dark. When Glock sights do glow in the dark they are usually advertised as ‘night sights’ and will contain small amounts of tritium which allow the sight to visibly glow when dark enough. Tritium is actually a rare and radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Although it is radioactive, the amount of tritium actually used in Glock night sights is not enough to harm a person’s health or damage their reproductive health. Radioactive poisoning is only possible if large amounts are taken via inhalation or ingestion — our skin is actually a more than sufficient barrier to prevent exposure and keep that from happening. So no worries if you plan on appendix carrying gents!

What does Glock use for night sights?Factory Glock Night Sights

OEM Glock handguns are infamous for having some pretty hated sights by the gun community but if you’re lucky enough to buy one with some night sights they’re sometimes paired with one of the Trijicon HD Night Sights, which my personal Glock came with. However, there are also  Glock OEM night sights which look most similar to Trijicon’s Bright and Tough Night Sights due to the circular white dots with green tritium in the middle of each dot.

How good are Glock night sights?Ameriglo Night Sight Set

For starters, they’re much better than the normal Glock factory night sights with the large U-shaped rear sight. If it was between these two Glock sights it’s not even a competition. We’d take the Glock factory night sights every time. However, white dot sights tend to get dirty over time making it difficult to aim with daylight. In low light situations the 3 dot Glock nights do work, they simply just aren’t very bright compared to aftermarket Glock night sight options. It would appear that the growing trend for Glock sights is that the handgun sight picture is being considered more and more. What I mean by that is we're seeing more and more pistol sights have blacked out rear sights like the Ameriglo Night Sights which come with some Glock handguns as OEM. Definitely count yourself lucky if you also find these sights on your stock Glock purchase. 

What are the brightest night sights for Glock?

These are some of the brightest night sights for Glock and happen to be some of our favorite products for iron sights on Glocks and Glock style handguns. In the sections below, we discuss the best night sights for Glock but fair warning: just because some Glock sights are really bright at night, doesn’t make them the best.

Meprolight Glock Tru-DotMeprolight Glock Night Sights

Meprolight offers a variety of Glock night sights and are easily identifiable by the ‘MH3’ marking on the front sight or the ‘TRU DOT’ on the rear sights. If you want that classic green, 3 dot style night sights you can select those for sure. But as far as Glock night sights go,  Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot is more recognizable for their two-color sights set. Meaning that the front sight could be green and the rear sights could be yellow. Although several other brands also make similar Glock sight offerings now, Meprolight was among the first to do it.

Having two different colors may sound counterintuitive but it actually helps the shooter aim much more easily and acquire targets much faster than if both the front and rear sights were of the same color. Quite possibly the most appealing factor is that the manufacturer offers a 12-year warranty for these Glock sights’ illumination. I’ve never had any pistol sight last that long before they need to be replaced so you don’t need to do a cost benefit analysis to figure out how good of a deal this is.

XS Big Dot Night SightsXS Big Dot Night Sights for Glock

If you’ve read some of our blogs in the past, you’ll know that we are big fans of XS Glock sights.  XS DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sights specifically, are really great because it utilizes a large dot for the front sight and a V-notch rear sight. The big dot in the front sight comes in a photoluminescent yellow and orange with a tritium center. In low light or dark conditions the entire dot will light up making it very easy to aim at targets in close ranges.

To really help shooters take advantage of the front sight, the DXT2’s rear sight features a letter-V shape with a tritium bar at the center of it so you “dot the i” so to speak and have a better idea of when you are actually properly aligning your Glock sights together. The V-shaped rear sight really does two main things: 1. Give the shooter more visibility down range, because the dot is actually really big. 2. Facilitates very quick target acquisition. Only caveat here is that the front sight is so big that it would definitely be difficult to aim at targets further than 50 yards out.

Trijicon Night Sight HD XRTrijicon Night Sight HD XR for Glock

Sometimes you get lucky and your OEM Glock actually comes with nice night sights from the get go. That was definitely me and my Glock 26. The only things I added to my G26 after the initial purchase were a couple of Taran Tactical magazine base extensions and I installed an extended slide release lever.  Trijicon’s HD XR Night Sights made me feel like the gun was just ready to go from day one which was a great feeling.

The HD XR Glock night sights actually look like Ameriglos at a glance (another reputable Glock sight making company) because they utilize a orange circle with a tritium center in the front sight and blacked out, U-shaped rear sights with two tritium dots on each side of the sight. I personally use blacked out rear sights for any handgun that I plan on competing with. The HD XR has a thinner front sight post, which provides a pleasant handgun sight picture; also makes reaching out to targets at far distances (for a pistol) not only possible but comfortable w, even with the baby Glock. Hands down, the best free night sights you could get with an OEM Glock purchase.

Ameriglo Pro-idotAmeriglo Pro-idot night sights for Glock

Ameriglo’s Pro-idot Glock sights are really great because they’re very easy to aim with and maintain focus. What helps you maintain well with these Glock sights is the blacked out rear sights with a tritium dot in the center of it below the cut-out; the front sight uses a high vis orange with a tritium center. During the day, you’ll get to execute fast target acquisition and transitions and during the night you’ll be able to keep your aim as true as possible. What more can you ask for in a pair of Glock night sights? And they’re only $75.00 to boot!

Truglo TFX ProTruglo TFX PRO Glock night sights

Truglo TFX Pros are my personal favorite. If you want some Glock night sights that are crazy bright during the day and night, but also give you the fastest target acquisition that would be these sights and they’re not even as pricey as some of the other Glock night sights on the market. Some of us need all the help we can get when shooting handguns, I’ll be honest, that’s me. The TFX PROs use tritium fiber optic rods that are encased in a housing that protects it from cleaning solutions, oils and the elements.

While they are definitely bright, they’re not bright enough to distract you while aiming down sight but they’re certainly brighter than the rest of the competition. (Note: XS Big Dot Night Sights for Glock aren’t necessarily brighter, but they are bigger than any other available Glock sight) The front sight’s tritium rod has an orange circle as well while all three rods in these Glock night sights are green. As noted for previous Glock sights, the color contrast greatly helps in fast target acquisition because the orange draws your eyes’ focus. Paired with the rear U-notch sight, the TFX PROs are an extremely effective combination. While some sights make you question if you’re aiming correctly or aligning the sights in the right way, the TFX PROs don’t do that as they make it very clear and help you aim a lot more than other Glock sights do.

What Glock night sights to avoid?

Not all Glock night sights are made equal. There are so many Glock sights out there with varying prices and even knockoffs on eBay which is why it’s important to do sufficient research prior to making your purchase. That being said, you could also learn from our own mistakes and take note of these Glock sights we’d avoid.

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night SightTrijicon Bright and Tough Night Sight

For a while, in the mid 2010’s it seemed like these Trijicon Glock sights were a staple for Glock owners. It came with the great brand name, had the classic 3 white dot design and with tritium centers. What’s the problem right? After owning a pair and comparing notes with other  Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights for Glock owners, it looked like we had all copied each others’ homework. After not a whole lot of ownership time, these sights were prone to getting dirty and because of their concave-like design, foreign objects would get stuck in the front or rear sights’ dots leading to the white circles getting cracked or broken soon after. Basically, any sight that utilizes solely a white outline for their Glock night sights should be avoided.

Fiber Optic Glock Sights

While fiber optic Glock sights are great, if you plan on shooting in low light or no light conditions you have to make sure these fiber optics have tritium in them or they will not glow in the dark. Solely using normal fiber optic sights might give you a great experience during the day but would literally leave you in the dark once the sun goes down.

Get your next Glock night sights from 80% Arms!

Don’t settle for Glock factory night sights. Now that you’re well-informed on what the best Glock night sights are, make sure you pick up a pair for your GST-9 to help you be an accurate and thoughtful shooter. No spraying and praying allowed! For the best quality of Glock sight installs, we recommend to use a Glock rear sight pusher and a Glock front sight tool. We carry a variety of Glock night sights from  TruGlo, XS and Trijicon so take your pick!