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Breaking: ATF Document Leak

80 Percent Arms   |   Apr 20th 2021

Since the White House press conference on April 8th  outlining their new executive actions regarding 80% lowers, the industry has been on edge waiting for the new guidance promised at the end of the given 30-day deadline for the Justice Department. Just today, The Reload obtained a leaked 107-page document from the ATF outlining exactly what we can expect to be announced in two weeks,...and it ain't pretty.

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The Bad

In short: Serialization and Registration. The ATF is seeking to require all "readily converted" lowers to be serialized from the manufacturer and require background checks on who it ships to. It looks like they are now defining "readily converted" as, "being able to be completed in a machine shop in 8 hours". We aren't quite sure if they realize that modern CNC machines are just a bit faster than that... This would change the 80% lower market as we know it.

In fact, this would have a far reaching impact throughout the entire industry. Under this language, all forgings would be required to be serialized from the forge before being sold to manufacturers like BCM, Aero, Colt, or anyone else. Lots of smaller manufacturers actually purchase 80% lowers in bulk and machine from there, and this would directly impact their ability to manufacture their firearms as well. 

The.... Good?

In a strange twist, it looks like suppressor manufacturers are getting a break. Under current guidance, each individual part or baffle is considered a suppressor itself, which makes repair difficult. Under new guidance, it would only be the outer tube, which would now be considered the "suppressor receiver", which will make repair less of a pain. However, there are several companies who serialize the locking collar, as it's the least likely area to be damaged. So this may change the way those companies are able to serialize their products.

What We're Doing

We have always believed the ability for citizens to be able to manufacture their own weaponry as the most effective way to ensure 2nd Amendment rights. Which is why we've been  involved in a lawsuit between California & the ATF that has sought to outright ban 80% lowers nationwide. We've also made it easy for you to get in the fight by implementing an options for you to "Round-Up" at checkout, where all donations go directly towards helping the FPC fight for our rights in current and upcoming legal battles!