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Three Weeks Of Christmas!

80 Percent Arms   |   Dec 8th 2020

This holiday season we are getting into the spirit of giving, because we all know it is better to give than to receive. For each week up until Christmas, we will be running a different promotion in order to donate to a few organizations. We have researched a few different charities and nonprofit organizations that not only support the legal fight for our rights, but the unspoken emotional and physical fights of our country's heroes.

The First & Second Week of Christmas

For the first week of Christmas, round up your change at check out to support the Firearm Policy Coalition! If you have not heard of them before, the FPC does not only defend our right to bear arms but they go after any violation of our constitutional rights.

They have been an instrumental factor in our fight against those that would wish to strip us of our rights. We ourselves have also teamed up with the FPC in order to intervene in a lawsuit California has presented against the ATF, in order to ban 80% lowers throughout the whole country. We are very happy to help support such an amazing organization.

The Third Week of Christmas

For the last week of Christmas, round up your change and donate it to the Second Amendment Foundation! SAF works closely with FPC and many other pro-2A organizations to fight for 2nd Amendment rights!

They are currently involved in over 20 legal battles they've filed this year alone, covering everything from state's rights in restrictive areas like California, to fights on the national level. You can thank them for many of the liberties y0u enjoy today, which is why we are proud to be matching all donations to them by 300%