CA Compliant AR 15 Parts

What does California Compliant mean?

Need to make your rifle California compliant? Building a rifle in California may seem a bit daunting, but here we have made it easy for you. In order for a rifle to be California compliant, it must be featureless meaning it cannot have the following ‘scary’ features attached to it:

  • Pistol Grip

  • Thumbhole Stock

  • Telescoping/folding Stock

  • Flash Hider

  • Grenade or Flare Launcher

  • Forward Pistol Grip

How Can I Make My AR California Compliant? 

In order to make your rifle compliant in California, it cannot have the items mentioned above.

Instead, you will be able to build your rifle with the following:

  • MagLock

  • Fixed Stock

  • Fixed Magazine Receiver (Only if you would like to keep the ‘scary’ Features)

For more tips on how to build a California compliant AR15, read our blog post on featureless rifles.