80% Lower Jig - Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 & AR-9 Version | 80% Arms
  • Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 / AR-9 Only Version80% Arms - 80 Lowers, Jigs, 80 Uppers
  • Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 / AR-9 Only Version80% Arms - 80 Lowers, Jigs, 80 Uppers
  • Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 / AR-9 Only Version80% Arms - 80 Lowers, Jigs, 80 Uppers
  • Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 / AR-9 Only Version80% Arms - 80 Lowers, Jigs, 80 Uppers
  • Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 / AR-9 Only Version80% Arms - 80 Lowers, Jigs, 80 Uppers
  • Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 / AR-9 Only Version80% Arms - 80 Lowers, Jigs, 80 Uppers


Easy Jig Gen 2 - AR-15 / AR-9 Only Version
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The patent pending Easy Jig Gen 2 is the world's easiest to use, fully universal, 80% lower jig capable of finishing AR-15 and AR-9 lowers. Easy Jig Gen 2 is the culmination of our years of experience gained from manufacturing the world’s first router jig and the best selling 80% lower jig in history, the Easy Jig Gen 1. We thought through every possible detail to improve the user experience with Easy Jig Gen 2 and took into account hundreds of suggestions from our customers. No detail was too small to be overlooked. The result is quite simply the finest 80% lower jig ever produced. This may not be the absolute cheapest jig on the market, but it is arguably the very best. We invite side by side comparison to any other 80% lower jig on the market, nothing else compares.

Our AR-15 / AR-9 only version of Easy Jig Gen 2 has all the amazing features of the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform, except it does not fit .308 lowers. If you want to complete AR-15, AR-9, and .308 in the same jig, Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform is the best choice. The AR-15 / AR-9 only jig cannot be retrofitted to accommodate .308 lowers. Click here to view Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform, our combined AR-15 / AR-9 / .308 jig.

New! Optional Hardened Steel Hand Drill Stabilizers provide extra stability when using a hand drill instead of a drill press. Hand Drill Stabilizers are recommended although not required when using a hand drill. You can watch a short video about this exclusive feature and purchase them by clicking here.


  • Fits all known AR-15 and AR-9 Designs
  • Self-centering mechanism ensures perfection even with exotic billet lower designs
  • Tested to work with over 23 of the most common handheld routers
  • The only jig that works with full-size routers. Click to view list of compatible routers.


  • Less drilling, drill only 1 hole prior to milling
  • World’s fastest jig, can complete an 80% lower in under 30 min
  • Jig requires no disassembly to insert or remove 80% lower
  • 80% lowers can be inserted or removed in under 10 seconds


  • Built-in measuring gauges. No measuring tools needed
  • No drill press needed, only a hand drill and handheld router
  • Included Shop Vac Attachment means less mess!
  • Includes detailed manual, quick start guide, and video tutorial download


  • End mill never makes contact with jig, no wear surfaces
  • End mill supported by premium quality bearing with extended service life
  • Drill block made with hardened steel
  • Solid Steel 3/4 inch thick side plates
  • Jig weighs over 7 pounds

Note: Tool kit and 80% lower not included.

*Click here* for Gen 2 Easy Jig manual.

Shipping Status: In Stock

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Danny C.
United States

Works as advertised!!!

If you follow the directions and go slow it works perfectly. You can't tell the difference between what I milled with the jig and what is out there commercially. A very well made product.

Charles U.
United States

80% Jig AR 15/AR 9

I love the workmanship on the jig and the ease of assembly however I havent been able to use it as of yet due to the lack of billits

Pete S.
United States

Outstanding jig. Much better than using a drill press.

After abusing my drill press as a poor-man's milling machine and using a different company's drill press jig, I finally had enough with the somewhat raggedy lowers with poorly-aligned drill holes I was making. They were functional, but I wasn't terribly happy. After much consideration, I bought a router, this jig, and the associated toolkit. Wow! It really made a difference: milling the fire control pocket out with a router is simple, clean, smooth (no jerking or grabbing of the bit like with my drill press with an end mill bit). The built-in depth gauges and hashmarks make it easy to set the router to the proper depth. Drilling out the selector and pin holes on the side is easy and properly aligned (I used an optional stabilizer with a hand drill just to be certain of proper alignment). The built-in shop vac connector significantly reduces (but does not eliminate) the mess from chips flying everywhere, and makes clean-up a lot easier.

D Hancock
T'ville, NC

Love this jig!

I have tried several jigs in the past, and this one beats them all. Only thing I regret is not buying the version for AR9/AR10/AR15. To date, I have milled out 4 polymer lowers ($20 test cases) from several manufacturers and recently moved on to aluminum. I'm using a Ryobi ONE+ cordless trim router to do my work which is going very well. Take your time, don't get in a hurry and the finish will turn out smooth.


Fast, Easy, & Accurate

I just completed a GeauxArmory lower and couldn't be more pleased. I used a Ryobi cordless trim router. The base plate fit the router fine, and the 1.3 Ah battery required 5 full charges to complete. I highly recommend using a drill press. I've used a hand drill on another project (not the Easy Jig, however) and the results are much better with the press. I picked up a Craftsman press from craigslist for 40 dollars, which was less than half the price of my cordless drill. I didn't have a machinists vise, but I did have perforated angle, a large piece of wooden countertop cut-off, and anti-slip mat, which I used to make a fixture. I crept up on the final depth a few thousandths at at time so that I could run the final pass in straight lines (don't mill this way!) and the finish was perfect. After drilling the holes for the controls, I lightly deburred the inside with 800 grit sand paper. Other than that, it required no adjustments or hand fitting, and the LPK dropped in and functioned right the first time. The pin holes are tight with no slop. The only caveat is to place blue painters tape between the lower and the side plates; aluminum can build up in between and cause the edge of the selector hole to become polished (I suggest the tape, rather than cleaning after milling as taking off the side plate between operations just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. This is easily fixed and not the fault of the jig in any way. Highly, highly recommended. It's well worth the wait. Thanks for a great, American made product.