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What parts do I still need to build my gun?

What parts are compatible?

How do I install an LPK?

How do I install my Modular Grips?

My handgun isn't cycling well, what do I do?

I ruined my frame, what do I do?

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What Parts Do I Still Need To Build My Gun?

You will need a lower parts kit, a magazine, a slide, a barrel, recoil spring, slide completion kit, and sights. It's not as much as it sounds! Complete Upper Kits include most of it, if you go that route. Whichever parts you choose, they must be Glock 19 Generation 1-3 compatible.



What Parts Are Compatible?

Glock 19 Generation 1-3



How Do I Install A Lower Parts Kit (LPK)? 

We made y'all a video to help you do just that! You can view that here.



How do I install my modular grips?

Use the 3/32 x 1/2” pin included with your jig kit to secure the front of the grip. Use the 3/32 x 7/8” pin to secure the rear section of the grip. Both pins must the used to properly secure and align the grip to your pistol frame. Before tapping in the pins, examine the tip of the pins. Insert the side of the pin that has a chamfer (tapered end) first. Use a 3/32” punch to avoid damaging or marring your frame when tapping in the pins. Punch kits for your GST-9 are available here.



My handgun isn't cycling well, what do I do?

First, make sure that all plastic has been completely removed and sanded smooth. Tolerances are tight, so if you leave a little plastic, the friction on the slide can impede travel. Second, make sure all components are installed correctly, and lubrication has been applied where necessary. Lastly, when working new parts in together (especially from several different companies as is common in handgun builds), make sure you are using full-power ammunition (steel-case ammo is notoriously under-powered), and allow a break in period of 200 rounds. Still having issues? Send our support team a message on our Contact page, or by sending us an email at:



I Ruined My Frame, What Do I Do?

We're here to help! Review our Warranty Policy, and Contact our Support Team. 



Your FAQ Doesn't Answer My Question, How Do I Get More Help? 

You can live-chat us during business hours, e-mail us, call us, or even drop by if you're local! All information is on our Contact page.