AR550 Steel Plate Body Armor Set

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 This is a plate set, so buyers will receive 2 plates — one for the front and the rear. 

  • Smith Defense's AR550 Level III+ Steel Body Armor Panel is proudly manufactured to the highest quality standards in the USA and offers top-tier protection.
  • Smith Defense's ergonomic shooters cut includes a unique multi-curve design that is more comfortable and less restrictive to movement. 
  • Smith Defense's fully-coated AR550 Level III+ plates have been rated and tested to: NIJ STD-0101.06 Level III and special threats listed on the new NIJ STD-0101.07 Rifle 2 standards.
  • Before purchasing, please review 80% Arms' Legal Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Armor.
  • Returns and exchanges are only accepted within 10 days of delivery see return policy for details. 

Smith Defense's new AR550 Body Armor Plates feature not only an independently tested and verified threat-protection system to NIJ Level III+ standards, their multi-curve design also offer the most ergonomic fit and comfort for long days on duty or at the range. Each plate offers industry-leading protection against all common rifle threats, as well as the most advanced spall-resistant coating available on the market today. While other manufacturers plates may be limited to single-shot spall protections, Smith Defense offers each end-user the peace of mind that comes with knowing their plates can stop multiple impacts without the worry of fragmentation or bullet spalling leading to secondary wounds. 

Specifically designed Shooter's Cut plates give the wearer free range of motion without giving up any vital organ protection. Protection isn't just about stopping bullets, it's also about giving you the ability to fight back, and keep you mobile to get out of harms way. That's why each plate is designed to be the most comfortable, least restrictive, and lightest weight armor system available on the market today, without ever compromising strength and quality.