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2A Newsletter: August 20th

80 Percent Arms   |   Aug 19th 2021

Taliban Disarms Citizens Moments After Taking Control of Kabul

Let this be a lesson on the Second Amendment, as soon as the Taliban were able to take control of the capital City Kabul, the first thing on their agenda was to collect firearms and ammunition from civilians by going door to door with the intent to disarm them. There are videos posted on youtube of citizens being detained and stripped of their firearms from Taliban Fighters. 

The Taliban justified their actions on Monday by stating people no longer need them for personal protection. A Taliban official claims that "We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians".

This scenario is the exact reason why we defend our second amendment rights and why pro 2A groups have been gaining tons of support in the last few months due to talks of Biden's gun control crusade.

This is all something the ant-2A crowd would love to see. This is something that they have been talking about for years and are slowly inching forward through gun buy-back programs, bans and restrictions on certain firearms and through petty anti-2A gun laws. During a meeting with CNN Biden casually admitted that, “The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it’s a, whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous. I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things”.

This situation is just the reality of what gun owners have been fighting against all along- a repressive regime disarming its citizens under their control. 

Another Gun Control Bill is Introduced to Congress

Rep. McEachin introduced H.R. 4836, the Firearm Owners Responsibility and Safety Act. In case you haven't heard of this guy, he is a major proponent of gun control. He once called out the Virginia National Guard to enforce gun control in the old Dominion. The National Guard actually ended up calling him out on this by the way in the following statement:

“We understand and respect the passion people feel for the U.S. Constitution and 2nd Amendment rights.,” tweeted Virginia’s National Guard on their official account. “We will not speculate about the possible use of the Virginia National Guard.” Even his hometown paper The Roanoke Times editorialized he “overreached.”

H.R, 4836 is another government mandate that would force all American firearm owners to lock up their firearms in their home. Matter of fact, and not that it matters to Rep. Mceachin, the Supreme Court ruled in the Heller case that Washington D.C. 's, mandatory storage requirement for firearms was a violation of the Constitution. 

But thats not all, hidden inside of this bill is a provision to repeal the PLCAA (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act). The PLCAA  protects the firearm industry from lawsuits accusing firearm manufactures of being responsible for criminals who use their firearms to commit crimes.

However, this Bill does not seem to be gaining a lot of traction, in a Congress controlled by gun control Democrats, it looks like Rep. McEachin’s bill has yet to gain a cosponsor.

The ATF Comment Period Has Come To An End. What's Next?

First off, we want to give a huge thanks to all of those who left a comment and supported the right to build and manufacture firearms. Your comments and support have played a huge role in this and it's amazing to see the firearm community come together and fight against this anti-second amendment ruling. 

The 90 Day comment period has ended and there are a total of 165,150 comments published and a total of 269,223 comments received. The results seem to be an even mixture between 2A supports and Gun Grabbers. 

In the meantime, anti-gunners are applauding this proposed rule change. California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Thursday voiced his support of this proposed rule change by the ATF stating, 

"We applaud the Biden Administration for taking steps to enforce commonsense gun regulation at the federal level. Right now, do-it-yourself ghost gun kits allow anyone with a credit card and an internet connection to purchase and build a fully operable, untraceable weapon in minutes with little to no restriction. The ATF’s Proposed Rule will bring federal law up to speed with California law, and make it clear that unfinished frames and receivers are firearms, and will be regulated as such."

What's next? Now the agency will review the comments in a 30 days period and will draft a final rule. Once the ATF approves the final draft of the rule within the agency, it gets reviewed and approved by the OIR. From there the rule is finalized and published in the federal register. After it's published, the rule is then implemented. 


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