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2A Newsletter: December 17th

80 Percent Arms   |   Dec 16th 2021

CA Governor Models New Bill After TX Abortion Ban to “Crack Down” on Gun Manufacturers

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Texas state government decision to ban most abortion services, CA Governor Gavin Newsom released a public statement condemning it. Essentially, his reasoning was that if a state could insulate themselves from past precedents set by the Supreme Court such as Roe v. Wade, then he would do the same to essentially pass legislation in California to further regulate gun control.

His first goal to that effect would be to pass a bill that would allow private citizens to sue anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts in the State of California for damages of at least $10,000 plus costs and attorney’s fees.

For years now, the gun community has been protesting this sort of issue with one simple refute — and that is if you allow private citizens to sue firearms, parts and accessories manufacturers when someone commits a crime with said products, how will that not open up the floodgates for other industries to also be vulnerable to lawsuits? Such as car manufacturers; how many car accidents do you think you see on a weekly basis?

Coming from the governor that  legalized crime and caused the highest spike in crime rates we’ve seen in this state for the better part of two decades, it really seems like Newsom has no qualms with causing more legal and political disaster. Why should he? Like most career politicians, he’s so far removed from the everyday life of normal citizens that what he’s suggesting is off-base, it’s no more than political grandstanding for his own benefit and for its residents, certainly not for this nation either.

Ohio Passes Constitutional Carry Legislation!

Some good news that we’ve been waiting for a bit over a month now, it’s official — Ohio now has constitutional carry with an overwhelming vote 23 to 8. The Ohio state Senate Bill 215 allows any law abiding citizen who is at least 21 years of age and legally allowed to purchase/possess a firearm to be able to carry a concealed handgun without first obtaining a license from the government to do so. Ohio residents can still pursue CCW classes and licenses should they wish. The next states up on the docket for also passing Constitutional Carry to watch for in 2022 include Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska and Indiana.

Mitch McConnell Weakens The Filibuster, Paving The Way For More Gun Control

This story begins in 2013 when Harry Reid (D-NV), the Senate Majority Leader at the time, moved to make an exception on filibuster rules for presidential nominees to the executive and judicial branches. At the time, filibuster rules would still stand for Supreme Court nominees and legislation that still needed to be voted on. No one ever wants a filibuster, it’s why it’s called “the nuclear option.” Just a quick civics reminder, filibustering is when a senator(s) stalls for time by talking endlessly, preventing or delaying the vote or resolution on a bill. Traditionally, the filibuster rule required ⅔ majority for stop a filibuster from happening but was changed to a ⅗ majority in 1975 and that is what we’re used to today - 60 votes to stop a filibuster. So when Reid made that an exception to the filibuster rule in the Senate, it set a dangerous precedent for further erosion of the filibuster which helps to act as a protection for the minority party.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is currently the Senate Minority Leader for the Republican Party and this week, he and 13 other Republican senators cast a questionable vote to make a new exception to the filibuster rule. In order to pass the bill for raising the debt ceiling, the legislation got a pass on the filibuster rule and instead only required ‘simple majority’ for it to pass; meaning it only took 51 votes to end the debate and move to be voted on instead of the normal 60 votes it usually requires. Our pro-gun senators are worried about this for good reason. To them, all bets are off now as the next time a piece of controversial legislation comes up, the majority party may simply push a simple majority vote and ignore the filibuster that way to push bills through, i.e. more gun control legislation. 


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