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2A Newsletter: June 18th

80 Percent Arms   |   Jun 17th 2021

Texas Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Into Law

It’s official! This week, Governor Greg Abbot signed not one, but SEVEN pro gun bills expanding Texans’ Second Amendment rights including Constitutional Carry. This is a huge win for gun rights advocacy — the seven new bills go into effect later this year on September 1st just in time for college students’ new school year to begin. These are the bills:

HB 957: Exempts suppressors made in Texas from federal regulations.

HB 1500: Designates firearms, ammunition sellers and manufacturers as essential businesses.

HB 1927: Allows residents 21 years of age and older to carry a handgun without a permit.

HB 2622: Designates Texas as a Second Amendment Sanctuary State.

SB 19: Prohibits state contracts with companies that plan to divest from firearm ammunition companies.

SB 20: Bars hotels from prohibiting guests from bringing guns into their rooms.

SB 550: Permits a person to carry a gun in any type of holster.

DOJ Says Missouri Governor Can’t Void Federal Laws

Missouri officials have been warned by the Justice Department that the state cannot ignore federal laws after Governor Mike Parson signed a bill last week which banned local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws. The new law would fine up to $50,000 per violating officer that knowingly enforces any federal laws.

Leading up to this, Missouri had become a constitutional carry state in January 2017 and had also passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act just last month in May; which declared that “all federal laws, rules, orders or other actions which restrict or prohibit the manufacture, ownership and use of firearms, firearm accessories exclusively in Missouri will not be enforced by state law enforcement, state municipal officials and other state officials.”

The DOJ is arguing that federal laws supersede state laws and authority but as we’ve been covering this topic since the beginning of 2021, more states are signing on to pass permitless carry legislation and their own versions of becoming 2A Sanctuary states. We’ll continue to update you as these stories develop.

CA AWB Overturn Appeal To 9th Circuit To Be Decided This Friday?

The new California Attorney General Rob Bonta was serious about making an appeal to Judge Roger Benitez’s overruling of the CA “Assault Weapons” Ban which had been in place for 32 years prior. Bonta has already filed an appeal this week and is demanding a decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals as early as this Friday (June 18th, 2021)!

If Bonta and the state are successful in getting multiple stays on Judge Benitez’s ruling it will avoid another Freedom Week from happening and stop the ruling from going into effect on July 4th. All gun rights advocates should be paying attention to how this case develops as CA representatives have made it abundantly clear that they are willing to appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court if they get their way.

Stay tuned for further developments and support the Firearm Policy Coalition as they fight for all Americans’ gun rights because if we get the AWB officially overturned it will set a new precedent for several other states in a new era of freedom for gun owners. 


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