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2A Newsletter: June 4th

80 Percent Arms   |   Jun 3rd 2021

West Virginia Incentivizes COVID Vaccines With Free Guns!

If this isn’t the most American piece of news you’ve read about this week please feel free to one up us — Some states have been trying to encourage people to get their COVID vaccines through sweepstakes or lotteries (which at this point is not unheard of). Then you have the state of  West Virginia which is giving away guns as lottery prizes! What kinds of guns, you ask? Among the various prizes such as a $1 million cash prize, new trucks, a getaway to West Virginia’s state parks; the firearms include five custom hunting rifles and five custom hunting shotguns.

Also up for grabs are five LIFETIME hunting and fishing licenses. If you’re an outdoorsman, this is one heck of a tease because those licenses can get pricey over time… and all they’re requiring is the first dose to have been taken. Some of us in the office here at  80 Percent Arms have already been inoculated with both doses, too bad our state isn’t offering anything like that.

New York Mayors Push For Even More Gun Control

States like California, New York and New Jersey have always competed with each other for which state has the most oppressive gun laws but if this newest push for gun control in NY passes into law… they’re probably going to take the cake. Mayors from around the state gathered to push legislators in their state assembly and senate to consider their new proposal which is a swath of unconstitutional blasphemy. There's no such thing as "enough" to these people — Here’s what the anti-gunners are demanding now:

  • Mandatory drug and mental health certification
  • Mandatory safety course and shooting test with 90% accuracy required to pass
  • Mandatory hunting license
  • Proof of safe storage purchase prior to purchasing a firearm
  • The legal ability to blame and sue gun manufacturers for the criminal actions of those who commit crimes with their products.

This is beyond concerning because if passed, NY will tout these laws as a huge ‘win’ for “commonsense gun control” and it could potentially set a precedent, paving the way for other anti gunner politicians to pass similar legislation in their states. Pay attention to the progress of  New York's Senate Bill S1048A here.

Oregon Passes Huge Cluster of Gun Control Into Law

We wish we could be a source of happy-go-lucky news but unfortunately that’s just not our reality. Oregon has passed two new gun control bills combined in one go:  SB510 and SB554. Effective June 28th, Oregonians will be subjected to “gun free zones” such as public parks or commercial buildings which will be left up to municipalities to decide on. Gun owners will also have to store their guns in locked containers at all times when at home. This bill was designed to reduce suicides, domestic violence and accidents in the home involving negligent discharges and children. Kind of makes defending yourself at home a bit difficult though… Protestors can also no longer attend public protests armed.

Two more initiatives in the works, but not yet passed, include  IP 17 “Reduction of Gun Violence Act” and IP 18 “Reduction of Harm from Weapons Act.” IP 17 aims to ban standard capacity magazines and would require gun buyers to complete a background check along with classroom and training in a range. Neither of those requirements are currently in place for those in Oregon who want to open-carry. IP 18 would be an outright ban on the sale of “assault weapons.”

Don’t take these backdoor taxes lying down. If you live in Oregon, there is a petition with the Secretary of State that you can sign to potentially  repeal SB 554. They need 74,680 signatures within 90 days after the bill goes into effect to qualify being voted on the next ballot in November 2022. This is promising because Oregon has a history of overturning legislation that residents didn’t agree with such as Measure 88 so it’s not over yet and it’s not impossible to change. 


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