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2A Newsletter: May 7th

80 Percent Arms   |   May 6th 2021

Breaking: DOJ Press Conference on new 80% Lower Guidance Later Today

Survey Affirms Most Americans Support Gun Rights

Tired of hearing fake statistics that Americans are wanting more gun control, or that they support a new assault weapons ban? Thankfully, the data says otherwise. A new Washington post article and survey ( by McLaughlin & Associates) shows that between people who support protecting the 2A, and a the decline of people who want to see new gun laws put in place, public opinion has swayed as much as 15% in the past couple months. 

Thankfully this survey also shows that citizens aren't all talk and no action either. A majority 58.1% of respondents said they would vote to protect 2nd Amendment rights, even though only 33% of them lived in a home with a firearm. So even Americans who may not choose to own a gun themselves are still recognizing the importance of being able to own one. This shows how important the culture war, and education about the Second Amendment really is. 

These numbers won't be lost on the general public either. The Second Amendment Foundation is planning on running over 115 news spots over the next month to get this information out. And they aren't preaching to the choir, they're running these spots on networks like CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, BBC America, CNBC, and more. 

Texas Senate Passes Constitutional Carry

In news that is only surprising because the rest of America assumed Texas already had Constitutional Carry, the Texas Senate has now  passed the bill. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has also already stated his intention of signing the bill into law. There are some limitations though, with carrying on capital grounds and carrying on a University campus still requiring a License To Carry (LTC). Also, Texas has a law which removes the need for a background check on new firearms purchases when you have your LTC, so there is still valid reason to pursue it, even if it will no longer be needed for everyday carry.

Not all news is good news however. Officer Ray Hunt of the Houston Police Union stated that Police wanted the ability to stop handgun carriers just because they were carrying a handgun, without any suspicion of a crime being committed. This follows a similar line to what we have seen in the past, where police have  escalated violence against someone in legal possession of a firearm, or used possession as a means for a search warrant, despite completely legal possession with no other crime being committed. This is why it always pays to be cautious and know your 4th Amendment rights, and always have a lawyer on speed dial. 

Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Handgun Rosters

Great news for California residents tired of buying 300 variations of the 1911 platform,  Judge Dana Sabraw is allowing the Firearms Policy Coalition's lawsuit to proceed. The FPC, who has a long history of winning gun-rights battles both in California and the other 49 states, filed a lawsuit in November 2020 against the legality of the California Handgun Roster.

For those who don't know, California has a list of "Safe" handguns that residents are allowed to purchase, and which the Police are exempt from (like the rest of California's gun laws). It requires the manufacturers to pay yearly to keep their guns on the list, and if anything changes about the model (even as small as new color options, coming with different sights, etc), it must be re-submitted to be approved as "Safe". The catch, is that in order to add a handgun to the roster, it must have micro-stamping features to help police solve crimes. The biggest issue there, is that the technology doesn't even exist yet. 

About half of the roster are various 1911 designs, and one of the obvious issues (among many), is that this doesn't allow California residents to keep up with firearms technology, which limits the ability to effectively defend themselves. Providing Police with extra rights flies directly in the face of the constitution. 

Why should you care if you don't live in California? Two reasons. The first is that setting the right precedent here will protect citizens elsewhere from this happening again, if it is indeed ruled as unconstitutional. The second is economical. Despite it's restrictions, California is still one of the largest purchasers of firearms due to sheer size of it's population. If that population is allowed to purchase modern handguns again, while it will lead to a temporary shortage and price hike from demand, it will eventually lead to lower prices and a healthier industry overall, as manufacturers can count on more sales. And cheaper guns is always a good thing. 


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