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2A Newsletter: Week of May 19th

80 Percent Arms   |   May 19th 2023

Gun Owners beware: Multiple states move to pass "Assault Weapon" BansMore AWBs incoming

Photo Source: 80 Percent Arms

The ATF 80 lower ban reversal last fall provided temporary relief for those of use in the 80 percent industry and our customers alike, but it's essential to remain vigilant against new threats to our Second Amendment rights. States are increasingly passing their own assault weapon bans and restrictive firearm regulations, putting not only 80 Percent Arms but also our freedom to bear arms at risk. 

Although it's great that Nevada just received a big win this week in court, and that should be celebrated, where the "ghost gun ban" was vetoed by the state governor — it won't always play out like that for every state. 

Several states have already banned 80 percent products on their own ahead of any proposed bills in Congress for federal regulation. Other states, such as Oregon and Minnesota are on the chopping block. With assault weapon bans often come restrictions on 80 percent arms, Even gun-friendly states are at risk, as anti-gun states retaliate by passing their own firearms restrictions.

Recent events in New Jersey and Minnesota serve as a stark warning for gun owners to be watchful and proactive. In New Jersey, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction against the state's new handgun permit law Chapter 131. The battle is far from over as the state quickly filed an appeal. The judge criticized the law for targeting law-abiding citizens rather than those who unlawfully possess firearms. This case, brought by the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners, underscores the need for gun owners to stay informed about legislative changes in their states.

In Minnesota, the House of Representatives recently passed a public safety omnibus bill containing "universal background checks" and red flag gun confiscation. The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus has vowed to fight for the constitutional rights of their members and supporters, while closely observing the implementation of these new laws and considering potential legal actions. If you're a Minnesota resident and want to support them, we'll provide a link here for you to join them in showing your state you care about 2A rights.

These incidents, along with challenges in states we have been monitoring such as Washington and Illinois, demonstrate the urgency for gun owners to take action in defending their Second Amendment rights. We can safeguard our rights and those of future generations. Don't let the recent victories lull you into complacency - the fight for our Second Amendment rights is ongoing, and we must remain vigilant.

Stay informed about proposed legislation in your state. Engage with your elected representatives to express your concerns and actively vote to make sure your voice is not only heard, but counted. 

“Anti-Paramilitary” Training Laws - New gun control buzz word?Pistol class training at an outdoor range

Photo Source: guruXOX via Shutterstock

As states are rapidly passing Assault Weapon Bans, another worrisome development arises with the emergence of "Anti-Paramilitary" training laws. These laws are starting to target private shooting ranges and law-abiding gun owners, further demonstrating that anti-gunners will never settle for "enough." Although currently limited in scope, when anti-gunners see one bad idea, they often take it and run, as seen by a small town in Vermont and a years-long feud over a property owner's two shooting ranges.

The rationale behind these laws is supposedly to prevent extremist groups from organizing and training. Sure, that sounds like it make sense. Who would want extremist groups building up compounds to train and do bad things.
However, this obviously and disproportionately affects law-abiding gun owners who merely seek to exercise their rights to train and protect themselves and their families. This directly contradict's the political left's and anti-gunners' narrative of requiring training for future gun owners in upcoming gun control bills. 

Were that to be enacted and treated as law, we'd soon be experiencing the same ridiculous situation as Canadian gun owners. Extra gun control regulations, but no real way to achieve or accomplish those standards set by the central government.

In Vermont, Code 18.2-433.2, prohibits teaching, training, or demonstrating the use of firearms, explosives, or incendiary devices if the person "knows or reasonably should know that the activities are intended to be used in or in furtherance of a civil disorder." Overly vague language is dangerous as it can be interpreted however the presiding judge sees fit.

As the Vermont Code is currently written, the law does not apply to legitimate law enforcement activity, educational institutions teaching military science, self-defense instruction without intent to cause civil disorder or lawful sports and activities like hunting and target shooting. Its broad and vague nature could easily be used to force private ranges out of business. The high potential for abuse with this law and similar ones should raise extreme concerns for private range owners and Second Amendment supporters alike.

To combat these threats, consider supporting organizations like the GOA, SAF, and FPC, and stay informed about proposed legislation in your area. This may seem like nothing but a small nuisance, but as we've seen with California and Illinois gun laws, where there's smoke, there's fire. It's up to all of us to stand up and protect our freedoms for future generations. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell everyone. 

What will the fate of every pistol brace user be?Medley of guns with a moonshine AR15 pistol

Photo Source: 80 Percent Arms

The ATF deadline looms for owners of pistol-stabilizing braces to register their brace-equipped pistols as short-barreled rifles under the National Firearms Act as it's coming up in less than 2 weeks! Gun owners across the country are also grappling with the question: Will we all become felons in less than two weeks, or did the ATF Director unwittingly give us a pass due to his faux pas during his congressional testimony?

ATF Director Dettelbach's recent testimony appears to be in conflict with the ATF's own language on the matter, creating uncertainty about his understanding of the rule and whether he's interpreting it in a way that would benefit current brace owners. While this confusion may open up a window of opportunity for gun owners to retain their braces without registering their firearms under the NFA we'll have to wait and see how that plays out.

The Congressional Research Service estimates that between 10 and 40 million individuals across the country possess brace-equipped firearms. ATF now requires firearm owners to register any short-barreled firearm with an attached shoulder stock, and possession involves stricter rules than other firearms. Other options for those wanting to keep their pistol braces include applying for a tax stamp and fitting the pistol with a 16-inch barrel. All of which are laugh in the face of the Second Amendment.

Even at this very moment of us writing this week's newsletter, the Firearms Policy Coalition is hard at work combatting all this pistol brace nonsense. They first introduced the suit under Mock v. Garland earlier this year, it is now once again at the front and center. FPC requested an emergency injunction on the pistol brace ruling and the ATF has until Friday 5-19-2023 to respond. This does not mean all our problems are solved and pistol braces are out of hot water. Rather, it should reemphasized how important these legal fights are for all of us nationwide.

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