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2A Newsletter: Week of November 4th!

80 Percent Arms   |   Nov 4th 2022

We can sell jigs again!

On Thursday morning (November 3, 2022), U.S. District Judge Reed O’ Connor of the Northern District of TX (Fort Worth Division) has granted 80 Percent Arms a preliminary injunction in the same fashion that the rest of the plaintiffs in the VanDerStok v. Garland case have received — this temporarily protects 80 Percent Arms from the ATF’s unconstitutional frame/receiver, “Final Rule” (AKA 2021R-05F) and its customers!

As one of the largest 80 percent manufacturers in the United States, we fully recognize the magnitude of what has just happened. In case you missed it, the keywords here are ‘temporary protection.’ There is a chance that this case could go all the way to the Supreme Court. Before we get tied up in the courts again, we plan on honoring and shipping out all the packages of our loyal customers who have painfully waited so long for their orders of previously affected products such as 80 lower jigs and GST-9 MOD1 frames.

For more information see our  company’s full statement on receiving the preliminary injunction here.


The latest development from our lawsuit with FPC against the government now means that you, our customers will be able to (unless you live in a restricted state or are prohibited from possessing firearms) freely buy 80% lowers and jigs from us as if the rule that went into effect on August 24 never existed. When you order from us now, all your purchased products will be shipped together as well!

However, as you’ll read in our full statement on receiving the preliminary injunction, this new status quo is not meant to last forever and we do not know how long it will be before the ATF shows their next hand. That’s why we’re advising everyone to stock up now before this happens in the future again. 

The Federal Court’s Deciding Factors

In the Court order, that was released on November 3, 2022, our motion to request a preliminary injunction was granted to protect us and our customers from the ATF’s ridiculous rule (2021R-05F) based on four major factors:

1. The Court had already previously determined that the ATF’s rule was likely unlawful which provided us a “substantial likelihood of success on the merits.” — Meaning when the final ruling in the VanDerStok case is issued, the ATF’s “rule” would likely be rendered completely inert.

2. We had properly demonstrated the threat of irreparable harm without the protections of injunctive relief. — Seriously, without the injunction the future of our business would have looked very dire.

3. In a balance of hardships between plaintiffs, defendants and public interest, the Court ruled that it weighed in our favor. — The ATF was hell bent on making it seem like we were trying to skirt the law and that we would be rendering law enforcement unable to fight crime and trace guns should crimes be committed with completed 80 lowers. The Court’s opinion was that the public interest would be better served if the ATF operated within their scope of authority and not contravening the GCA.

4. That if a preliminary injunction was issued, it would not disserve the public interest.

— By passing all four criteria with flying colors, we are very optimistic of what’s to come in future developments of this case.


We want to sincerely thank all our customers who have graciously and patiently waited through this long process for us to get to this point. All packages that were previously held ‘in the queue’ will begin shipping out immediately. We also want to thank those who have financially supported the Firearms Policy Coalition this year.

FPC is one of the few gun rights advocacy groups that have been directly challenging the government and actually winning, gaining steps towards reclaiming and solidifying our 2nd Amendment rights. Your continued support is what helped make this happen and it’s also given us the runway to continue arming Americans with the knowledge, parts and tools to build your own firearms in the comfort of your own home.

What are you waiting for? The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! Tell all your friends that Christmas came early


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