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80% Lower Laws in Florida

80 Percent Arms   |   Jul 9th 2020

80 Percent Firearms in Florida

Though Florida has a reputation as being one of the most 2A-Friendly states, in recent years  Florida's gun laws have become stricter and stricter, bordering draconian with mandatory waiting periods, and minimum-age to purchase being raised. As a result, more and more Floridians are turning to building their firearms from 80 percent lowers, so they don't need to worry about a wait, and can build a firearm on their time. However, a lot of people have asked us, "Are 80% lowers legal in Florida?". We figured the easiest way to help you all out was writing a quick blog on the subject.

General Florida Firearm Laws

Before you start on your path of nirvana when it comes to building your dream gun, it is important to be aware of Florida’s laws and regulations;

  • The minimum age to purchase a firearm is 21.
  • You do not require a license to purchase a firearm.
  • There is a 3 day waiting period on purchases from dealers.
  • Unless the firearm is used in criminal activity or bought from a pawn shop, no records are allowed from the police department.
  • You may not possess a firearm if you are a convicted felon.
  • You may not possess a firearm if you are “adjudicated mentally defective or who has been committed to a mental institution,” as those terms are defined in Fla. Stat. § 790.065.

Florida Gun Laws Regarding Customization

As one of America’s primary political battleground states, Florida’s regulations regarding firearm customization are dodgy at best. Vague, and generally confusing, the recent hard line on Bump Stocks has caused some states to scramble for a stance. As the banning of Bump Stocks became a federal law, many just took that at face value, while Florida went a bit further. According to the state of Florida, a Bump Stock is anything including “a conversion kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device used to alter the rate of fire to mimic automatic weapon fire or which is used to increase the rate of fire to a faster rate than is possible for a person to fire such semi-automatic firearm unassisted by a kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device.” This is a pretty broad spectrum definition, and honestly lends itself to practically banning any modifications on firearms. Despite the fact that you can change your firearm without turning it into a fully automatic, even altering the pressure could prove to be an issue under this law. Which is why many Florida gun owners are weary, as no one really wants to run themselves through a trial case based off of a minor home alteration.

Why 80 Percent Lowers Offer a Solution in Florida

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Whoever designed this graphic... give that man a raise

Incorporating an 80% lower into your personal use, can allow you to create alterations and modifications without needing a serial number. Not requiring a serial number means that your gun is then not regulated by the government, which in turn, can give you an out when it comes to customizations of your weapon. 

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: “80% receiver,” “ 80% lower,” “80% finished,” “80% complete,” and “unfinished receiver” are all terms referring to an item that some may believe has not yet reached a stage of manufacture that meets the definition of firearm frame or receiver found in the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA). These are not statutory terms or terms ATF employs or endorses." Not having a serial number on your firearm means that it becomes solely for personal use, as legally you cannot sell weapons that do not have a serial number on them. So if you are looking to custom craft a gun for home defense, personal recreation, and overall just staying in your possession, then this is the perfect avenue for you.

Despite the mandatory wait time when you are purchasing from a shop, Florida does not yet have any laws in place regarding 80 percent firearms specifically. What that means to you, is that you are free to build a rifle or pistol at home without any waiting period, registration, or other hoops you may have to jump through usually.

100 Percent Decided on Joining the 80% Lower Life?

If you are wanting to get started on the “Ghost Gun” experience, Florida is the perfect state to get it done. Despite the vague laws on alterations, the utmost clarity in adding an 80% receiver to your weapon exempts you from the regulation you dread. It is completely legal to own, and purchase 80% alterations, as many physical shops in Florida sell them, and it is easy to find well reviewed and tested equipment. You can browse 80% lowers here at 80 Percent Arms, and we can assist you in joining the custom life.