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Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on "Ghost Guns:

80 Percent Arms   |   May 14th 2021

On May 11th, the Subcommittee on the Constitution under the Committee on the Judiciary in the Senate held a hearing “to examine stopping gun violence, focusing on ghost guns.”

Though two hours in length, the hearing actually went by very quickly with immediate rebuttals and quips in each side’s opposing remarks to each other. We really liked what pro-2A advocates had to say but overall, this was a good conversation to be had among politicians and for us all to witness.

Senator Cruz and Ms. Hlebinsky kicked the hearing off with a bang dismantling Senator Blumenthal’s opening remarks. In a dazzling one-two combination, the anti-gunners were challenged early in the hearing on why the term “ghost gun” was being turned into a political buzzword and for what purpose if not for the eventual development of a national registry to lead up to confiscation?

The premise that the ATF’s new proposed rule (that would change the definition of frames, receivers and what could be treated like a firearm) was based on also immediately felt weaker as Hlebinsky explained the historical and cultural significance “privately made firearms” have had in U.S. history. Furthermore, striker-fired technology and split receiver firearms originate much earlier in time than the ATF lets on.

Watch the full hearing below.

Get to know the full cast in this hearing:

Identification, Friend or Foe Role During Hearing
Friend - Senator Richard Blumenthal - CT (D) Committee Chairman
Foe - Senator Diane Feinstine - Calif. (D) Committee Member
Friend - Senator Ted Cruz - Texas (R) Ranking Member
Friend - Senator Mike Lee - Utah (R) Ranking Member Substitute
Foe - Senator Dick Durbin - Illinois (D) Committee Member
Friend- Ashley Hlebinsky Historian, Expert Witness
Foe - Josh Shapiro - Pennsylvania (D) Attorney General of PA, Expert Witness
Foe - Col. Sheree Briscoe Baltimore Police Commissioner, Expert Witness
Friend - Richard Vasquez USMC MSgt. Ret., Consultant, Expert Witness
Foe- Nicholas Suplina Lawyer, Everytown for Gun Safety, Expert Witness
Foe- Senator Sheldon Whitehouse - Rhode Island (D) Unclear