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80% Arms sells AR-15 and .308 80% Lower Receivers, 80% Lower Jigs and other accessories which allow you to legally build a firearm at home in most states.
We utilize state of the art 5-axis CNC machines to mill all our .308 and AR-15 80 percent lower receivers to incredibly precise tolerances using premium billet aluminum.
We also offer our patented AR-15 and .308 Easy Jigs which is the first 80% lower jig that makes it ridiculously easy for a non-machinist to finish their 80% lower in under 1 hour with no drill press required.
Products manufactured by 80% Arms carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We will promptly replace or repair any product that we determine to be defective.
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Understanding How A Firearm Operates

80 Percent Arms   |   Jun 25th 2020

Why You Should Know How Your Firearm Works

When you purchase an item that has moving parts, it’s best to know how that item works. For example, when you buy a car, it helps to know that the oil needs to be periodically changed to keep the engine gunk free and running smoothly. When you buy a blender, you need to make sure you’re not attempting to blend items that will overwork the motor and cause it to burn out. When you buy a lawnmower, you need to check the blades every so often to ensure they are still sharp enough to do the correct job. Knowing about all the items you buy will help you operate them better and ensure they are properly maintained, and a firearm is no exception.

Firearms can range in their makeup, from simple to complex, which means there may be a learning curve depending on the firearm you have. No matter what kind of firearm you own, though, it’s important that you know and understands how it works to ensure that you are not only being a responsible firearm owner, but a safe one at that. Knowing that your car needs oil is an important lesson, but so is knowing where the brake is. When you take the time to look into the item you own, you ensure that you know how to take care of it while also ensuring you know how to operate it, helping to guarantee the safety of anyone near.

Firearms are an item in which the owner should be well acquainted, so be sure to do your research and studying before you head out with one of your firearms.

Advantages to Knowing Your Firearm Well

There are two major advantages to knowing your firearm in and out. The first advantage is that you know how your firearm operates. When you know how an item operates, it allows you to have a deep understanding of that item’s best running potential, which is the best baseline to have with any item. When you know the inner workings of your firearm, it allows you to know how each part in the firearm interacts with each other, which can help you diagnose problems with your firearm as they happen.

For example, if you notice an issue with  your AR-15 Rifle, and you know how your AR-15 operates, you know that you should start looking at the parts involved with firing the round: the trigger, the hammer, and the disconnector. Since these three parts all work together to fire a round properly, they are a good place to begin if you start having issues. While this does not mean that you can diagnose all issues your firearm may have, it does allow you to better identify some issues early and get the replacement parts you need fast, improving the overall life and function of your firearm.

The second advantage is knowing how to be safe with your firearm. When you know your firearm and all its parts and workings, it allows you to know how to be as safe as possible with it while you use it. You know where its safety is, you know how to take it apart, and you know how sensitive it might be. When you know how your personal firearm operates, it gives you more control when you use it, which is what you want when you have it out and are using it. Always be as knowledgeable about your firearms as you can be, for your safety and for those around you.

How to Learn About Your Firearm

There are many ways you can learn and get to know your firearm, some of which includes:

Take a class

There are many different firearm classes available nationwide. Some focus on safety, some on usage, and others on specialized training. It never hurts to take a class, as there is always something new to learn. When you open yourself up to learning, you allow yourself to be a better firearm owner, and you expand your knowledge on a subject you obviously care for.

Read a book

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books that deal with firearms. Some are more historical, others are more technical, and others are more like guides. As with taking a class, a book can teach you things you never knew about your firearm, and it can open new doors to how you handle your firearm. It never hurts to read a book!

Watch a video online

Today, platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow for users to post videos or livestream their content. Many of these users post firearm related content, including how to clean a firearm, the firing capabilities of a firearm, the type of ammo that works with a specific firearm, and so much more. Many people learn by watching others, also known as observational learning, so this is a great way to expand your knowledge about your firearm. Plus, it’s always fun watching others teach about something they’re interested in!

Talk with others who own the same firearm

Some of the best people to talk with when wanting to learn about something new are people who have the same firearm as you. Now, to clarify, be sure you’re talking with people who are not totally green with their firearm, but have done their own research and have learned over time with experience. You can find these people on many platforms, including: at a range, on an online forum, at a firearm store, in a class, or at a gun show. Often, the knowledgeable are happy to answer questions from those who don’t know enough, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions!

Never feel that you cannot learn something new. Every day offers a new opportunity, so make sure you embrace it! Learning all you can about your firearm to understand it well is important, and it’s the responsibility of all firearms owners.

Purchasing Your Own Firearm

While it’s important to learn all that you can about your firearm, you first need to own a firearm to learn about! At 80 Percent Arms, we are happy to help you find the perfect firearm for you, and we are ready to answer all of your questions so that you feel as well informed as possible about your purchase. Call us today or stop online to view our selection available for purchase. We are happy to help you find the firearm you’ve always wanted!