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  • 80% .308 Easy Jig
  • 80% .308 Easy Jig
  • 80% .308 Easy Jig
  • 80% .308 Easy Jig
  • 80% .308 Easy Jig


80% .308 Easy Jig
$13.99 - $159.99

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Product details

*Click here* for Easy Jig manual.

The Easy Jig® is a patented device that makes machining your 80% lower  easier, faster, and safer. Lowers finished with the Easy Jig have a better finish and hold tolerances that could not be achieved using any other jig on the market today. You do not need to own a drill press or mill to use the Easy Jig.  It truly makes finishing your lower a monkey simple process. On top of all this, it’s extremely durable and can be reused for dozens of lowers.  For those planning to use their jig for 20+ lowers, we offer optional hardened steel drill bushings in both side walls.

This version of the Easy Jig is ONLY compatible with 80% Arms .308 lowers.

Easy Jig highlights:

  • Easier
    • Built in drill/end-mill depth gauge for the trigger and rear-shelf pockets
    • Eliminates the need for expensive measurement tools
    • Quick verification of depth setting – eliminates slippage issues that can ruin parts
    • Eliminates constant measuring to determine depth while milling
  • Safer
    • End-mill downward force can’t separate the drill press taper chuck
    • It is safer to move router by hand than to move the jig around on a drill press
  • Uses Common Hand Tools
    • The Easy Jig is designed to hold tolerances using a common hand-drill
    • No drill press is required, milling is done with a router
    • Routers are much more portable than a drill press, easily borrowed from a friend
    • Routers are made for cutting pockets using a template
    • Routers are cheaper than a drill press.
  • Faster
    • Pocket drilling requires 10 holes drilled once – Traditional jigs require 42 holes to be drilled once, precisely aligned and clamped, then re-drilled to a larger diameter
    • Trigger pocket can be cut in 6 to 11 passes vs 25 passes required with a drill press
    • Router cuts pockets 5-6x faster
    • Hand-drilling the trigger group/safety selector holes is faster to setup
    • Lower can be completed in 1 hour (instead of 3 to 8 hours for the old drill press method)
  • Durable
    • The Easy Jig can be used to make dozens of lowers
    • Components are Type III hard anodized for extra wear resistance
    • Hardened steel drill bushings are available as an option

This version of the Easy Jig is ONLY compatible with 80% Arms .308 lowers.

Lower Replacement Program: In the remote chance you make a mistake while using an 80% Arms Jig that damages your 80% Arms lower, we will replace your lower at a 50% discount off of the list price.

*Router and tool kit are NOT included.


The 308 Easy Jig is currently in stock.

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